SDS Seed Delivery System

Why Farmers Need Efficient Nutrient Delivery TO THE SEED

Crop yield is greatly influenced by plants being able to access the required amount of nutrient. It is of paramount importance that the seed is able to access every nutrient that it requires and in a balanced and timely way.

Farmers and Growers understand that :

  • Early growth and vigour is essential for the viability of the future of the plant and its success
  • Early root development and tiller strength is vital to achieving yield success in future crops
  • Crop nutrition is the foundation of a healthy, fertile crop
  • Crop nutrition science and research advances at a rapidly changing pace, so it is important to be informed and have access to changing and
    better technologies
  • Optimum growth environments do not sustain themselves – crop nutrition needs to be carefully managed throughout the year
  • The vagaries of climate can impact the health of the crop

Fertilising the Seed

Often Farmers and Growers do not consider the strength and condition of
the seed.

The seed is the foundation and most important start to future yield potential. Good quality, high nutrition seeds prosper and have higher growth and yield potential – whereas poor quality and low nutrition seeds will always fall short of maximum potential.

Fertilising the seed is probably the single most important action a Grower can choose to do when it comes to maximising the future of the plant.

What does this Mean

SDS (Seed Delivery System) is the RLF-developed technology that bonds with the nutrient elements to transport them into the seed embryo. This process of imbibing introduces the nutrient directly into the seed.

SDS is a product of RLF’s advanced science and technology endeavours and commitment over many years.
SDS forms part of its suite of HBS (High-analysis, Broad-spectrum Solutions) products designed to bring about the same level of advantage and opportunity for primary producers of all farm sizes.

SDS technology has awoken the practice of fertilising the seed – ensuring that seed-lot variability is eliminated and that EVERY seed planted is primed with the optimum level of plant available nutrient.

Unlike a seed treatment, which bonds to the outside of the seed using it as a delivery carrier into the soil, SDS, with HBS’s help takes the nutrient INSIDE the seed for the seed’s immediate and direct use.

This revolutionary technology allows nutrients to be imbibed directly inside the seed for its use during germination and early growth.

The SDS-bonded nutrient elements are quickly imbibed into the seed, and within 20 minutes of application are fully stabilised for periods of up to 3 years.

Once sown the imbibed nutrient is made available to the seed embryo, supporting the existing nutrient that naturally occurs in the seed. Since the nutrient is INSIDE the seed embryo it is immediately available to the plant for use in its growth.

Only SDS technology means that the nutrients are imbibed and made directly available to the seed embryo for use in germination and the plant’s early growth. No other nutrient system can achieve this direct delivery of
available nutrient.

Optimum Nutrition for Seed

RLF technology gives you the opportunity to directly fertilise the seed with the optimum nutritional requirements to ensure that every seed is of good quality and has all the nutrition required for early growth and development.

RLF’s commitment to its agricultural Customers continues. A new way for modern
farming practice.