NDS Nutrient Delivery System

Why Farmers Need Efficient Nutrient Delivery

Crop yield is greatly influenced by plants being able to access the required amount
of nutrient.

Plants need to be able to access every nutrient that it requires and in a balanced and timely way.

Farmers and Growers understand that :

  • As much as 60 percent of crop yield is dependent upon nutrient availability
  • Crop nutrition is the foundation of a healthy, fertile crop
  • Crop nutrition science and research advances at a rapidly changing pace, so it is important to be informed and have access to changing and
    better technologies
  • Optimum growth environments do not sustain themselves – crop nutrition needs to be carefully managed throughout the year
  • The vagaries of climate can impact the health of the crop and therefore plant nutrition is more important in mitigating this risk

What does this Mean

This means that today, more than ever before, Farmers and Growers need to ensure that their farming practices are focussed on providing the optimum nutrient to the plant during ALL stages of growth towards yield.

Only with the crop’s nutrient requirements completely satisfied can a plant achieve its maximum potential yield volume and quality, considering the climate and environmental conditions.

RLF products have been developed to provide Farmers and Growers with the latest modern farming practice available. To be able to achieve a practical and economical method of providing crop nutrition throughout the growth cycle.

Here is how.

NDS is THE Answer

NDS (Nutrient Delivery System) is an RLF-developed proprietary technology that IS A WORLD-LEADER. This system allows for foliar nutrient to be taken into the plant through the leaf at a substantially more efficient rate than normal products or practices – 350% better.

There are several factors that impact farm practice that can be overcome with NDS :

  • NDS can deliver broad-spectrum nutrient in a single application
  • Soil fertility is bypassed as many nutrients are delivered directly to the plant
  • Delivery is efficient and cannot be practicably or cost effectively achieved through soil application
  • Paddock and soil variability issues are eliminated
  • NDS is generally fully delivered to the plant in under two hours
    from application
  • NDS provides 350% increase in delivery efficiency of the nutrient ensuring maximum cost effectiveness and reduced application risk
  • OPTIMUM nutrient can be delivered to eliminate potential or future crop deficiency issues before they occur

NDS is the activator nutrient carrier-technology that bonds with the nutrient elements and acts to transfer the nutrients, both into the plant and throughout the cells of the plant.
NDS technology is revolutionary in its design and results have allowed for a 350% increase in nutrient transfer.
NDS technology bonded to nutrient elements in RLF product has two functions.

NDS – Straight through the Leaf Wall

NDS allows for the transfer of nutrient elements through the leaf wall.
It is then directly absorbed inside the leaf.


NDS allows for transfer directly through the leaf surface, and as a result effectively improves nutrient transfer by 350%.

NDS – Transferred to the Cells and Transported in the Plant

Furthermore NDS acts as a carrier into the plant cell without causing damage to
the cell.

This means that nutrient elements can be safely transferred into plant cells and then freely moved via the cells to the functionaries of the plant.

Why Farmers and Growers should trust RLF

As agriculture’s leading broad-spectrum liquid fertiliser company, RLF has the resources and capacity required to meet global fertiliser demand as it works with Farmers and Growers to produce the food the world needs.

RLF is distinguished from other liquid fertiliser suppliers by its :

  • diverse range of phosphorus based trace elements
  • factory to farm distribution systems
  • qualified and technical expertise, always available
  • ability to integrate granular and liquid fertiliser programs for maximum return

Unlike any other foliar application without NDS, the nutrient
elements are only able to transfer through the leaf via the stomata.

What does this mean ?

For the first time, NDS has enabled High-analysis Broad-spectrum formulated products to be quickly, safely and effectively moved through the leaf and directly to the plant.

With RLF’s NDS technology it is assured that once inside the plant, and into the cells, it will substantially improve productivity, because the nutrient is readily moved, or translocated within the plant through the increase in the plant’s photosynthetic efficiency.

This allows for a much more effective assimilation of the nutrient elements for immediate plant use.

NDS simplifies the science and agronomy associated with the nutrition of each crop-type and it helps deliver the important information necessary to achieve balanced crop nutrition.

It is the single, most effective way to achieve maximum crop yield.

It is an important tool to help farmers learn how best to achieve maximum crop yield.

The types and amounts of nutrients vary greatly at different stages of a plant’s development from germination to the development of roots, flowers and fruits. RLF can become a partner in this potentially time consuming and complicated process to ensure the very specific needs of your crop can be met in the best possible way – through NDS.