HBS High-analysis Broad-spectrum Solution

HBS (High-analysis Broad-spectrum Solution) is an RLF-developed technology that allows the formulation and manufacture of solutions that contain a high concentration of many different nutrients, all formulated in such a way that is stable and safe for the plant.

This is a first time technological advance.RLF technology has neutralised the antagonistic effects that elements can have with each other and the result is revolutionary. Now, specifically formulated products with 12 elements contained in one single, stable, effective solution can be applied to crops and produce.

High levels of a particular nutrient in the soil can often interfere with the availability and uptake by the plant of other nutrients. Those nutrients that interfere with one another are said to
be antagonistic.



Mulders Chart

The chart that follows, (The Mulders Chart), demonstrates how care must be taken to
ensure an adequate and balanced supply of ALL nutrients to the plant.

A decrease in availability to the plant of a nutrient by the action of another nutrient (see direction arrow).


An increase in the neew for a nutrient by the plant because of the increase in the level of
another nutrient.


This high-analysis, or highly concentrated formulation technology means that RLF products often have a specific gravity of 1.5 or greater.HBS ensures the delivery of many nutrients in optimum balance to the plant in a single application.

This means that for the first time HBS has given farmers and growers the tools to cost effectively challenge, or find a solution for :

  • paddock-soil variability
  • hidden-hunger issues in crops
  • crop nutrient difficulties in limited applications
  • delivering nutrient in the most efficient way possible and directly to the plant

HBS means stable, concentrated, high-analysis broad-spectrum products can be safely and reliably used in modern farming practices today.RLF is a world-leader in liquid fertilisers and is fiercely proud of its reputation in bringing products to the market that assist farmers and growers achieve both yield and quality of their crops and produce.

HBS, forming part of RLF’s ongoing commitment to its valued Farmer and Grower Customers.