What is the Rhizosphere and why is it important?

What is the Rhizoshpere and why is it important?

Essentially it is the zone of soil immediately surrounding the root of the plant in which the chemistry and microbiology is influenced by root growth, respiration and nutrient exchange. It is characterised by enhanced microbial activity and by changes in the ratios of organisms when compared with the surrounding soil.

The Plant’s Engine Room

So wh at exactly is happening in the engine room of the plant when a strengthened fertiliser program is followed ? Once again, images taken from the same Nyngan Trial in 2008 demonstrate the effects that this has.


How ‘turbocharged’ Root and Rhizosphere activity supports better outcomes

Healthy rhizosphere stimulates microbial activity. Using BSN Seed Primer on the seed reliably results in the development of a large root mass.

BSN root mass has a substantial increase in the number of fine root hairs and this gives an exponentially larger root surface area. As a result, BSN roots typically have a rich, bulky and healthy rhizosphere, all created by the larger root surface area generating a higher amount of plant exudate.

The plant exudate then provides the host for stimulated microbial activity, turning a BSN root mass into an efficient bulk of microbial activity where the conversion of soil based organic matter into inorganic ‘plant available’ nutrient occurs.

Several beneficial physical effects and outcomes are achieved by ‘turbocharging’ the root system. These ’cause and effect’ benefits are :

  • 1increased early vigour
  • 2stronger plant growth with early tillers that are more viable
  • 3tolerance to drought and water logging
  • 4improves granular fertiliser performance
  • 5more nutrient from the soil and environmentally responsible
  • 6generates greater phosphorous activation and improves uptake from the soil
  • 7improves nitrogen efficiency in the plant
  • 8promotes better resistance to disease
  • 9provides the plant with greater tolerance to environmental impact or extremes
  • 10augments the plant’s stress handling abilities
  • 11buffers pesticides and fungicides
  • 12improves plant metabolism