What is Fertiliser Integration

The Common Thread of the Evidence-based Outcomes

IFM is establishing a very clear upwards - % increase - performance direction for both yield and profits. The very clear evidence is starting to build significantly.

common * Of the representative group of eight trials shown within this Special Report, an average across these trials shows a beneficial yield increase of 17.55%, with a very satisfying increased return of investment at 784%. These outcomes and returns are too great to ignore. Very steadily over the years, as RLF has worked with its farming customers, the same common thread of outcomes has been experienced and seen at 'the bottom line'.

What t his all means for the farmer, is that for the same financial investment into fertiliser routines and programs, greatly improved returns on many different levels can be gained by embracing RLF's integrated fertiliser management approach to fertiliser practices.

These returns include:

  • increased crop yield opportunity
  • minimal risk and maximum opportunity program for cropping success
  • assured crop quality, strength and health advantages
  • potential for better financial returns and marketplace opportunities
  • improved soil quality aimed to sustain the business into the future
  • reduced granular fertiliser input and costs
  • more efficient water use
  • an opportunity to make the change to modern day farming practice with a proven product with a credible record of evidence-based outcomes
  • the support and advice that comes with an RLF IFM program of fertiliser management including the easy access to product and services

All of these returns add a great deal more than just financial reward.

Adopting new farming practices based on plant science and advancing technology – with proven and world-leading products such as BSN Seed Priming and Ultra Foliar – gives farmers and growers great confidence to achieve these beneficial outcomes.

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