What is Fertiliser Integration

Highlighting our Client Stories

"Year in, Year out!" - The Campbells


“We like our crops to jump out of the ground and BSN Superstrike helps us to achieve that year in, year out. When it comes time to foliar spraying of trace elements we apply Crop Specific Foliars (CSF) to every hectare. RLF products are very efficient which means we don’t have to handle a large volume of product when compared to sulphates. RLF help manage our total fertiliser program to maximise production.”

Farmers : David and Linda Cambell Property Size : 12000ha's
Location : Esperance, Western Australia Annual Rainfall: 375mm
Farm Enterprise: Wheat, Barley, Lupins, Beans and Sheep Time on RLF Program: 4 years

"Saves us Money" – The Kittos


“The sand plain we farm is very productive, but leaching had always been a big issue for us with our high rates of granular fertiliser. We use the BSN Superstrike to get the crops to establish faster and to develop a larger root system sooner. Combined with a Plasma foliar spray after the nitrogen and potassium top up, the RLF program helps us to dramatically reduce leaching of our granular fertiliser, which at the end of the day saves us money!”

Farmers : Ian and Rob Kitto Property Size : 8000ha's
Location : Mullewa Annual Rainfall: 375mm
Farm Enterprise: Wheat, Lupins Time on RLF Program: 4 years

"Ground to Top" – The Parkers


“What I like about the RLF program is that I can make the crops grow vigoro usly under the ground as well as on top. The extra root growth from the BSN Superstrike means that there is better uptake of the granular fertiliser and less leaching on our sandy soils.

Farmers : Gareth and Karen Parker Property Size : 3000ha's
Location : Coorow, Western Australia Annual Rainfall: 350mm
Farm Enterprise: Wheat, Lupins Time on RLF Program: 9 years

"Total Farm Plan" – The Sedgwicks


“We wanted a total farm planned approach to our farming system and after using the RLF products we were very pleased with the on-farm service and support that we received. RLF’s on-farm backup and focus on fertiliser efficiency helped us develop our farming practices to a far more profitable level. Our crops perform better in the dry years and better in the wet years. We apply BSN Superstrike to all our seed and foliar spray CSF over every hectare of crop!”

Farmers : Ray and Hillary Sedgwick Property Size : 8800ha's
Location : Narembeen, Western Australia Annual Rainfall: 320mm
Farm Enterprise: Wheat, Barley, Triticale, Sheep Time on RLF Program: 9 years

"Hitting the Target" – The Hoopers


“BSN Superstrike is great at promoting root growth to give the seed an early kick. I like the nutrient hitting the target and getting the nutrient inside the seed is as close as you can get. The bigger root system picks up more granular fertiliser. CSF lets us mix and match the nutrient input levels based on the season. The increased biomass below the surface can only be good.”

Farmers : Jeff and Kaye Hooper Property Size : 5000ha's
Location : Muntadgin, Western Australia Annual Rainfall: 330mm
Farm Enterprise: Wheat, Lupins, Canola Time on RLF Program: 8 years

“Good Early Vigour” - The Shreeves


“I like the idea of good early vigour and that’s why I treat my seed with BSN Superstrike. It promotes bigger and stronger root systems at germination which gives the crop more access to all the nutrients in the soil. If nutrients are marginal it will hold off the deficiency and get you over the line until you get a chance to top the nutrients up with a CSF foliar spray.”

Farmers : Ron and Lorraine Shreeve Property Size : 6500ha's
Location : Merredin, Western Australia Annual Rainfall: 320mm
Farm Enterprise: Wheat, Barley, Lupins, Canola Time on RLF Program: 2 years
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