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From the Archives - Insights Showcasing IFM

Over a long period of time our clients, team members and distributors have written about the benefits of IFM. The selection of IN's that follow are provided for your reading interest as they not only share the experiences of our team, but are enlightening and educative. They provide 'a snapshot in time' and are testament to the many successes that IFM has demonstrated. But more than anything else, they highlight the important role that an IFM fertiliser strategy has played over the years. Simply click on the prompt to read the full RLF Insight.


Be Part of RLF's Private Field Day! | (released 7 May 2009)

This Insight is truly spectacular and documents a day on the farm of an RLF client who achieves great results through a program of IFM. They are always willing to share the success of their farm fertiliser strategies and the images are stunning.

IFM Results from 'Brittas' Harvest | (released 24 February 2015)

This Insight documents the benefits, profits and other outcomes associated with a controlled trial of IFM versus a district practice control crop.

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Benefits Specialised Product for Irrigation Dynamo High-K contains chelates, soluble carbohydrates, phosphorylated metaboli...
Specialised Product for Irrigation Plant Milk High-N contains 11 essential nutrients, chelates, soluble carbohydrates, phos...
The Importance of Boron One of the primary roles of boron is to maintain the integrity of the cell membrane to function nor...
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