Showcasing the Trial Data

Showcasing the Trial Data

Root growth and rhizosphere activity show that better root activity is directly related to the BSN and is independent of fertiliser regime. This proves that the movement of phosphorus from the seed influences the root growth of seedlings more than the soil-applied phosphorus during the early stages of seedling establishment.

There is more to plant growth than just applying fertiliser to the soil, and the following photograph taken at the Nyngan fertiliser trial (2008) demonstrates this.


What the key observations show (from right to left of the image) are :

  • 1

    30kg DAP shows that antagonism between phosphorous and zinc causes zinc deficiency. It has sparse root and spindly coleoptile.

  • 2

    Control, nil fertiliser shows increased root system and thicker coleoptile and no antagonism between phosphorous and zinc.

  • 3

    30kg DAP + BSN gives increased root and rhizosphere activity as the seed was primed with phosphorus and zinc.

  • 4

    BSN only gives denser root, greater rhizosphere activity and improved top growth. It is not influenced by phosphorous and zinc antagonism.