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Fertilising the Seed is Efficient

Delivery of nutrient via the seed is the most efficient and effective process when compared to delivery of nutrient via the Leaf and Soil. Seed delivery is low input, functional and can ensure up to 95% of supplied nutrient is provided in a usable form for the seed to apply to its future growth and development.

Proven to Work

RLF released the first generation BSN Seed Primers in 1999 and since that time BSN treated seed has been sown to tens of millions of acres. Ongoing investment in Research and Development in both laboratory and field trials has lead to the latest generation Seed Primers. Whilst the cost of BSN is only a small part of the fertiliser budget, the financial benefit to the grower is significant as demonstrated in Independent Replicated Trials. In addition, independent Data and Field Trials demonstrate that regardless of the rate of phosphorus granular fertiliser applied to the soil, BSN is effective in increasing yield.

Easy to Handle

BSN can be easily integrated into current on-farm seed treatment practices. It can be applied in conjunction with many agricultural chemicals used for disease and pest prevention, thereby reducing labour costs and making the process of on-farm application simple. BSN is sprayed onto the seed. This can be as the seed is transported rapidly by auger to a silo or truck, or simply manually applied. It is completely imbibed by the seed in 20 minutes. Following treatment, BSN is specially formulated to flow easily from the silo and through air seeders. Treated BSN seed can be stored for extended periods of time when required.

Kick Start Your Crop

Features and Benefits

SDS Provides Safe Transfer of Nutrients
Increases Yield Regardless of Fertiliser Rate
Effective in All Soil Types
Fixes Nutrient Variability in Seed Lots
Greater Root Mass
Early Vigour and Stronger Plant Growth
Higher Yields, Quality and Value
Good Business for the Grower