Water Soluble


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What is Water Soluble

RLF through its company UNICHEM provides a comprehensive range of water soluble fertiliser products. These basic commodity products are reliable and can be applied to fertigation and foliar applications as detailed.

Often, water soluble products can be used as part of a complete fertiliser integrated solution when used in conjunction with other RLF products.


Features and Benefits

Use as part of an integrated program

UNICHEM Water Soluble products can be used as part of an RLF Integrated Management Program when requiring very large quantities of macro-nutrient to be used in conjunction with the HBS product range.

Compatible with the majority of products

UNICHEM Water Soluble products are generally highly compatible and versatile. When subject to the directions of use they are compatible with majority of pesticides, herbicides, and fungicides.


Free flow powder

Unichem Water Soluble products are generally quickly and easily dissolved in water and are a free flowing crystalline powder that is easy to handle.

Trusted quality of material

RLF products are trusted for their quality and reliability of raw materials. UNICHEM Water Soluble products are well manufactured to specification and will perform as required.