Pasture Plus

Designed specifically for animal crops. Pasture Plus gives pastures the twelve essential nutrients it needs. Improved performance for both crop and livestock.

What is Pasture Plus Foliar

Pasture Plus is a unique High-analysis Broad-spectrum liquid foliar fertiliser that uses a specially engineered nutrient delivery system (NDS) to ensure that trace elements are received by the plant at a rate significantly higher than that of a normal foliar product. Pasture Plus is actually an Ultra Foliar, that has had its nutrient package tailored specifically for animal carrying pastures and livestock feed crops. This is highly beneficial for the pasture as the leaf-applied fertiliser product contains up to 12 nutrient elements, all safely balanced and without any chemical antagonism. Their formulation is at prescribed quantities to suit a pasture’s optimum requirements. This can only be achieved when you deliver nutrient at concentrated levels facilitated through the engineered delivery system.

RLF has developed a NDS for Pasture Plus. It is a world-leading product.

Not a Normal Foliar

RLF Pasture Plus is not a normal foliar. It sits in a classification of its own, not only being substantially different in substance, but most importantly in features and functional specifications required for a foliar product to physically, or scientifically, achieve real and tangible results. The classification of foliar products (see the graph that follows) demonstrates how Pasture Plus is different in each area and rated classification. Achieving a rated 98.5% factor is twice the result of expensive chelated products available on the market today, and over seven times the results of the most basic single element oxide foliar products available.

Solving the Nutrient Deficiency Problem

Every crop, every plant has a different trace element nutrient need. It is often difficult to know exactly what these specific requirements are, and therefore impossible to treat every plant with a different nutrient solution as a deficiency symptom reveals itself. Whilst this is an absurd suggestion, it is however the reality of farming practice for many farmers today. This is aggravated further, if that nutrient deficiency or variation has already had a marked effect on plant health, yield potential and overall crop value before detection. Sometimes the realisation comes too late!

RLF recognised this as being a major problem, and with the science of plant physiology and nutrition as its basis, has engineered highly concentrated liquid foliar products that are designed to change the way in which nutrient deficiency issues are managed.

How Pasture Plus Delivers Optimum Nutrients

High-analysis Broad-spectrum Solution is the Answer

Being a High-analysis Broad-spectrum Solution (HBS ) that allows the formulation and manufacture of solutions that contain a high concentration of many different nutrients, all formulated in such a way that is stable and safe for the plant is an RLF-developed technology.

This is a first time technological advance that has neutralised the antagonistic effects that elements can have with each other and the result is revolutionary. Now, specifically formulated products with 12 elements contained in one single, stable, effective solution can be applied to crops and produce.

Only maximum crop yield can be achieved when care is taken to ensure an adequate and balanced supply of ALL nutrients to the plant.

The Benefit of a Bigger Root System

One of the greatest benefits of RLF Pasture Plus is the effect it has on root development and growth.

Whilst this forms only a part of the cycle of growth and development for each plant, it is a vital and important stage and function. Plant physiology clearly informs the science of Pasture Plus and leads to significant benefits for farmers and growers. This is because the larger size root structure gives the plant much greater physical contact with the soil area. Fine hairs give the plant increased surface area, and this allows the plant to use less energy in achieving easier access to available nutrients and soil-based NPK.

This increases plant growth exponentially as the graphic shows.

Pasture Plus creates a ‘wetter’ environment that enables mineralisation to further improve fertiliser up-take and efficiency. This benefit simulates the action of endowing the soil with an additive to make the soil more effective.

But the biggest benefit comes from the larger and thicker root structure with substantially more rhizosphere activity that grows a lot of fine, and very fine hair-like roots. More roots means more plant ‘root exudate’ and this means microbial activity increases in and around these root hairs and results in a very large increase in mineralisation. Mineralisation is the chemical action that unlocks the phosphorus and makes it available to the plant. This action ensures that the plant has access to ‘available’ phosphorus. And, more phosphorus means more yield.

This also means more organic matter returns to the soil for future years, and this is a significant and sustainable benefit.

Leading the World with a Proven Product

RLF first developed Broad-spectrum compound foliar fertilisers in 1993.

These products have been continuously updated and improved since this time with over 20 years of on-farm use. Pasture Plus represents the latest in a long pedigree of innovative technological development. Pasture Plus is a proven product, extensively trialled and tested; but most importantly used over the past twenty years by farmers world wide. Today the use of Pasture Plus forms part of normal farm practice for many RLF customers whose principal agribusiness is livestock.

The Benefits that Flow through Quality Pasture

  • reduced need for feed supplements
  • reduced veterinary expenses
  • improved birth rates
  • lower mortality
  • improved weight gain
  • improved wool clip
  • higher quality and improved milk production

Leading the World with a Proven Product

Pasture Plus is easy to use. It has a substantial compatibility profile and can be sprayed in conjunction with many crop protection chemicals, other fertilisers or used in irrigation systems. This reduces labour costs and makes the process of on-farm application simple. Pasture Plus is High-analysis and Broad-spectrum, in a clean solution that is readily dispersed when mixed with water. It is safe on equipment and does not present any blockage issues. Farmers can safely use these products year after year as part of their normal
farm practices.

Maximise Crop Performance and Return

Features and Benefits

Increases Yield
Improves Crop Quality and Value
Improves NPK and Soil Elements Uptake
Fixes Paddock Variability
Solves Soil Variability and Hidden-Hunger Issues
Builds Bigger Root Systems and Organic Soil Matter
Buffers Chemicals and Resists the Adverse Effects of Disease and Climate
Delivers Nutrient in the Most Efficient Way Possible, Directly to the Plant through the Cell Wall
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