Nitrogen Liquids


Liquid nitrogen fertiliser is formulated to provide nitrogen to the plant in a highly efficient way. Nitrogen promotes quick and vigourous growth during plant development.


Liquid Nitrogens

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Liquid Nitrogen Fertilisers can be applied in targeted applications to meet crop demand at any growth stage. By being able to split applications throughout the growing season, farmers can better manage crop risk.

Liquid Nitrogen Fertilisers is a concentrated source of nitrogen and accordingly tanks do not need to be refilled as often.

Liquid Nitrogen Fertilisers is less volatile than urea, so volatilisation losses are lower if follow up rain does not occur.

A liquid fertiliser, can distribute nitrogen more evenly than solid fertilisers. It can be applied with selected crop protection products to save time, labour, fuel and other machinery operating costs.

Easy to transfer and store

Pumps are used to transfer Liquid Nitrogen Fertilisers, which eliminates the need for manual lifting, augers or forklifts.

There’s no dust or downtime in waiting for solid products to dissolve.

It can be stored in cost-effective heavy duty poly tanks. It does not deteriorate in storage, and can be stored from year to year if required.


Liquid Nitrogen Fertilisers can be fertigated via irrigation equipment, applied using boomsprays with flat fan or streaming nozzles, foliar sprayed, injected into the soil or sprayed on to the soil.

Applied with herbicide prior to planting grain and canola crops (confirm compatibility)
Soil injected at planting in winter and summer crops
Dribble banded in crops, pastures and sugarcane
Foliar sprayed in crops and pastures
Fertigated through irrigation systems, including centre pivots, sprinkler systems and drip lines
Liquid Nitrogen Fertilisers is ideal for ‘little and often’ or split applications to closely match crop nitrogen requirements.
Liquid Nitrogen Fertilisers can be metered precisely for variable rates.