• Boron Plus is a single element foliar fertiliser that delivers high quality boron to the crop when a plant deficiency is recognised. Delivered through leaf.
  • Potassium Plus for soil deficiency or new growth demand. Single element foliar fertiliser that delivers high quality potassium to the plant through the leaf.
  • Tetrachel Tiller, a concentrated foliar fertiliser with high level and availability of nutrients essential for rapid tiller development. 4 chelation forms.
  • Caltro delivers high levels of calcium via the leaf or soil. It is an efficient, high quality plant repair remedy when deficiency is noted. Highly effective.
  • Plasma Power is a nutritionally balanced foliar fertiliser high in phosphorus with five other trace elements. It considerably improves crop health and quality.
  • Boron Blue specially designed to supplement RLF Ultra Foliar products in base tank mix to fix boron deficiency. High specification single element foliar.
  • High concentration liquid fertiliser Nitrogen Plus meets a crop's needs at critical growth stages. Highest level of available N, for foliar-fertigation.
  • Silica Plus is a single element foliar fertiliser that fixes Si deficiency when insufficient silicon exists in the soil. Vital for healthy plant physiology.
  • First part of a fully targeted agronomic foliar fertiliser program for broadacre crops. XFoliar-1 is especially for vegetative growth phase. High in P and N.
  • Second part of a fully targeted agronomic foliar fertiliser program for broadacre crops. XFoliar-2 is especially for reproductive growth phase. High in K.
  • A single element foliar fertiliser Calcium Plus 5 fixes plant deficiency as it delivers high quality calcium to the plant through the leaf. Efficient remedy.
  • Calcium Plus 17 fixes plant deficiency as it delivers high quality calcium to the plant through the leaf. Efficient remedy designed as a foliar spray.
  • Beneficial potassium citrate source of nutrient if suboptimal in plant tissue or as crop matures. KC30 is versatile and can be used as foliar or fertigation.
  • AcetaK25 delivers potassium to the plant as K-acetate, a proven, powerful source up to five times more effective. Apply from pre-flowering to near maturity.
  • Calcium Plus SC40 is made from high quality micronised calcium carbonate having 40.3% w/v calcium.

  • MolyBoost is a concentrate form of molybdenum for safe application via leaf, soil or seed.

What is Foliar

Foliar is a range of single and multi-element fertiliser products that support a specific nutrient supply to crops and vegetables. These products are often applied as a direct response to soil conditions or a noted crop deficiency.

Foliar products in the RLF range provide efficient delivery of the required nutrition. They are of high quality manufacture, are effective in combating the problem, and confidently provide the efficient delivery of the particular element required very quickly.

Foliar range products are quick response liquid crop nutrition solutions.

Not a Normal Foliar

Foliar products are considered as ‘plant repair therapy’ because they are targeted, efficient and effective. The nutrient element needed so urgently by the crop is delivered directly through the leaf, thereby bypassing the soil, and the likely nutrient deficiency zone altogether.

Common Deficiencies Fixed by Foliar

Symptoms appears as browning and die back of growing tips of roots and leaves. Leaves curl and margins turn brown with newly emerging leaves sticking together at the margins leaving expanded leaves shredded on their edges. Fruit yield and quality will be reduced with high incidence of blossom-end rot and internal fruit decay.
A common symptom is scorching or firing along leaf margins. Symptoms appear on older leaves first and deficient plants grow slowly and develop poor root systems. Stalks are weak and lodging is common. Seed and fruit are small and shrivelled. Crops show lower resistance to disease and moisture stress and are are sensitive to disease infestation, and have poor fruit yield and quality.
Symptoms appear as abnormal growth on the youngest leaves and growing points with apical growing points eventually becoming stunted and dying. Other symptoms include, crooked stem in celery; hollow heart in peanut; corky core in apple; rosetting or terminal bud dieback in alfalfa and cotton; and heart rot in sugar beet.
Symptoms appear first on older leaves as light green to yellow foliage. They then develop on younger plant parts as the condition becomes more severe. Other symptoms include stunted, spindly plants; less tillering in small grains; low protein content in seed and vegetative parts. Nitrogen-deficient plants will mature early, with significantly reduced yield and quality.

Features and benefits of a Foliar Product

quality manufacture using superior materials to formulate reliable, stable
solutions with the highest level of quality control
bypasses the soil deficiency by applying the plant’s immediate nutrition needs
through the leaf
is easy to apply and is compatible with a wide range of crop protection chemicals
fixes the plant deficiency
handles environmental conditions better because the strengthened plant cell wall structure prevents cell damage
increases resistance to pests and other external or environmental conditions
because of the strong and healthy crop response

Quality Assured

RLF Foliar products are manufactured using only superior and quality materials. They are in solution that is stable and with assured longevity. All RLF Foliar products are formulated, with micro element calculations based on the science of crop nutrient removal. They are engineered and manufactured with processes that are certified and quality assured.

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