Risks and Opportunities

Modern Day Farming Technologies

Modern-day farming technologies, practices, approaches and agricultural land management systems should all be viewed in this context. The importance therefore of managing the soil to ensure its animal-carrying capacity is retained to the optimum level of performance is critical to this debate.

RLF as a world-leading liquid fertiliser company has developed its product range specifically to meet this important objective.

RLF is at the forefront of several products and fertilising concepts that give great effectiveness to managed pasture lands, and these are as follows :

25% loss of capacity on animal
carrying pastures means more
productivity is required


RLF is at the forefront

Pasture Plus

Pasture Plus is a crop-specific Ultra Foliar fertiliser spray with Nutrient Delivery System (NDS) that increases the efficiency in product uptake through the leaf by up to 350%. Pasture Plus delivers 12 essential nutrients contained in a High-analysis Broad-spectrum solution. These nutrients are formulated specifically for this crop type. Pasture Plus provides the plant with an optimum balance of essential nutrients to ensure soil nutrient variability and deficiency is fixed. Pasture Plus gives greater plant protection, more growth and improved yield qualities. This is done by using just one product that delivers 12 essential nutrients tailor made to suit the crop.


NutriCover is a foliar-fertigation product formulated to satisfy the nutrient demand of plants at critical stages of plant growth for a fast and effective outcome. By using three forms of nitrogen, (urea, nitrate and ammonium), not just the one to stimulate metabolic pathways in the plant, NutriCover maximises the benefits of nitrogen through balanced crop nutrition. This means that NutriCover is at least three times more efficient than UREA nitrogen through the soil alone, thereby enabling a reduction in nitrogen by traditional granular fertiliser programs. NutriCover can be tailored with additional elements to suit specific nutrient requirements if the crop demands by using key major nutrients that function as activators and building blocks in plant growth.

Nitrogen Plus

Nitrogen Plus is a foliar-fertigation product formulated to take care of the nitrogen demands of plants at the critical stages of plant growth. Nitrogen Plus contains the highest level of nitrogen in four different structures that a liquid formulation can hold. Nitrogen Plus utilises the RLF Nutrient Delivery System (NDS) technology that increases the efficiency in product uptake through the leaf by up to 350%. Nitrogen Plus gives fast entry nitrogen to protect against the nutrient deficiency and can be applied as a foliar to broadacre crops or in irrigation systems to all plants. The presence of four forms of nitrogen (UREA, nitrate, ions, ammonium ions and organic nitrogen), supports plant metabolism for fast and efficient uptake and utilisation of nitrogen.

Power N

Power N is a high concentration source of liquid nitrogen specifically designed for safe foliar application and injection and is flexible and easy to use. Power N can be applied in targeted applications to meet crop demands at any growth stage. By being able to split applications throughout the growing season, growers can better manage crop risk. Power N is available as a bulk liquid, does not deteriorate and can be stored safely on-farm from year to year.

  • PowerN26 is a balanced ratio of nitrogen and sulphur.
  • PowerN39 is an efficient method of supplying nitrogen.

Power N products can be applied via irrigation or boomspray systems with flat fan or streaming nozzles, foliar sprayed, injected into the soil or sprayed on to the soil. Power N is ideal for ‘little and often’, or split applications to closely match crop nitrogen requirements and can be metered precisely for variable rates.