Sulphur Deficiency

Sulphur is required in the plant for the formation of amino acids and proteins, and is essential to photosynthesis. Sulphur is supplied from organic matter and minerals, but it is often present in insufficient quantities and is available at inopportune times for the needs of high yielding crops. Sulphur has become an increasing limitation to cropping due to expanding yields.
Continued use of high analysis fertilizers with little or no S, and reduced atmospheric deposition in rainfall has also lowered S input into cropping systems. Sulphur deficiency is often related to sandy soil texture, low organic matter, high rainfall, or irrigation. Some regions have lowered indigenous S supply due to organic matter losses resulting from rapid mineralization and soil erosion.

Symptom Description — Sulphur deficiency can sometimes be confused with N deficiency. Deficient plants are light yellow green in color with the yellowing initially manifested in the younger leaves as S is immobile in the plant. Entire plants can appear yellow-green in color, and fruits are light green and can lack succulence.

Sulphur Deficiency in Video