Nitrogen Deficiency

Nitrogen is an integral part of all plant proteins. Thus the nutritive value of the food we eat is largely dependent on the availability of N for crop growth. It is required in greater quantities by crops than any of the other essential nutrients, with the exception of K in some high-yielding crops. Most soil N comes from organic matter, which releases N slowly, the rate being controlled by factors such as temperature, moisture, and texture.

Symptom Description — Adequate N produces a dark green color in leaves, caused by a high level of chlorophyll. As a mobile nutrient in plants, deficiency symptoms appear first on older leaves as light green to yellow foliage, and then develop on younger plant parts as the conditions becomes more serve. Other symptoms include: stunted, spindly plants, less tillering in small grains, low protein content … in seed and vegetative parts, fewer leaves. Nitrogen deficient plants will mature early, with significantly reduced yield and quality.

Nitrogen Deficiency in Video