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Only a Nutrient Charger can Deliver Optimum Nutrients for Plant Parts

A Nutrient Charger product from the RLF range will charge tissue with an ionic form of essential nutrients.

In tandem with the nutritional boosting received through dipping or soaking, the stored nutrients stimulate healthy new plant growth during the sensitive period of plant establishment when there is a high demand for essential nutrients.

Roots, stem cuttings and other vegetative tissues have large ‘Free Space’ in the form of inter-cellular space, xylem cavity and air space (as with spongy tissues) that have good capacity to store nutrients. Treatment with a Nutrient Charger impacts on the loading of living cells as well as in ‘Free Space’ nutrient-storing compartments. Many benefits then flow to the young plants and seedlings, as these air spaces are replaced with sufficient essential nutrients to increase the power to better develop root and shoot growth.

What you can Expect from a Nutrient Charger

the transformation from bud to new growth to take place much faster when
the nutrient demands of growing tissue are fully satisfied
the formation of stronger and healthier new growth because nutrient balance is achieved before roots become functional
increased success rate of rapid growth, thereby reducing disease pressures reduced dependence on soil nutrients during the early stages of establishment and growth

The Benefit of a Bigger Root System

One of the greatest benefits of an RLF Nutrient Charger product is the effect it has on root development and growth.

Whilst this forms only a part of the cycle of growth and development for each plant, it is a vital and important stage and function. Plant physiology clearly informs the science of Nutrient Charger products and leads to significant benefits for farmers and growers. This is because the larger size root structure gives the plant much greater physical contact with the soil area. Fine hairs give the plant increased surface area, and this allows the plant to use less energy in achieving easier access to available nutrients and soil-based NPK.

This increases plant growth exponentially as the graphic shows.

Nutrient Chargers’ create a ‘wetter’ environment that enables mineralisation to further improve fertiliser up-take and efficiency. This benefit simulates the action of endowing the soil with an additive to make the soil more effective.

But the biggest benefit comes from the larger and thicker root structure with substantially more rhizosphere activity that grows a lot of fine, and very fine hair-like roots. More roots means more plant ‘root exudate’ and this means microbial activity increases in and around these root hairs and results in a very large increase in mineralisation. Mineralisation is the chemical action that unlocks the phosphorus and makes it available to the plant. This action ensures that the plant has access to ‘available’ phosphorus. And, more phosphorus means more yield.

This also means more organic matter returns to the soil for future years, and this is a significant and sustainable benefit.

Leading the World with a Proven Product

RLF first developed Broad-spectrum compound foliar fertilisers in 1993.

Nutrient Charger products have been continuously updated and improved since this time with over 20 years of on-farm use.Nutrient Chargers’ represent the latest in a long pedigree of innovative technological development. They are a proven product, extensively trialled and tested; but most importantly used, for more than twenty years by farmers world wide. Today it forms part of normal farm practice for millions of RLF customers.

Easy to Use

A Nutrient Charger is easy to use. It can be used three ways :

Dipping and soaking of plant parts used in vegetative reproduction
(ideal for stem cuttings, root cuttings, whole or cut tubers, bulbs or corms, thizomes, runners and stolons and suckers)
Dipping of seedling roots before transplant
(ideal for all vegetables, fruits and melons)
Fertigating fruit trees or seedlings after transplanting
Dilution rates for all methods are available on the Product Brochures for all RLF Nutrient Charger products.

Features and Benefits

Increases Yield
Improves Crop Quality and Value
protects the plant during the delicate transplant period
reduces dependence on soil-based nutrients in early stages of growth
stores nutrients in the available ‘free space’ to enable the plant to grow strong and
healthy and resist the adverse effects of disease and climate
improves NPK and soil elements uptake in later stages of growth
builds bigger root systems and organic soil matter