RLF Technical Team Provide Guidance and Crop Nutrition Education
RLF’s agricultural technology service activity in Raoyang is in progress.

Raoyang County enjoys the honorary title of ‘the hometown of greenhouse grapes in China’, as the greenhouse grapes here are generally on the market successively from April each year. The first grapes to be listed not only satisfy everyone’s desire for fresh taste, but also bring good benefits to fruit farmers. At present, the greenhouse grape planting has reached 120,000mu, accounting for 17.1% in the country. It has become the largest greenhouse grape base in the country and one of the main channels for farmers to enjoy the
economic benefits.

Recently the team conducted a concerted return visit to the users of the RLF colour-changing product PowerPK. Many grape growers provided their feedback with achievements such as increased sugar content, well-distributed colour change and early listing for sale after applying the RLF specialised nutrition product. The agricultural technology team also continued their cooperative partnership with Hebei Haosheng Agricultural Resources and visited Dayin Village, Wugong Town (as well as some other places) to check the application effects of RLF products on the grapevines in the Raoyang market.

Here are a selection of their stories.

Grower No.1.

Location Nanbeiyan Village, Dayincun Town, Raoyang County 13th May 2020
Date Visited 13th May 2020
Grape Variety Greenhouse Table Tennis Grape
Product & date Applied RLF PowerPK on 30th April 2020
Benefits Seen Grape colour change time shortened, sugar content increased, early listing

Grower No.2.

Location Gaoqiao Village, Wugong Town, Raoyang County
Date Visited 12th May 2020
Farmer Gao Baozhan
Grape Variety Greenhouse Table Tennis Grape
Product Applied RLF PowerPK (twice in colour changing period)
Benefits Seen High hardness, no dropping and long storage life

Grower No.3.

Location Chenggezhuang, Village, Wangtongyue Town, Raoyang County
Date Visited 12th May 2020
Grape Variety Victoria Grape
Product Applied RLF Plant Milk High-N (three times in shoot growth and enlargement period)
Benefits Seen Strong growth, soft and thick green leaves

Grower No.4

Location Yinglin Village, Liuchu Town, Raoyang County
Date Visited 15th May 2020
Farmer He Fengyao
Grape Variety Greenhouse Victoria Grape
Product Applied RLF PowerPK
Benefits Seen Grape colour changes evenly and the thickness of fruit powder increases
During the visit and discussions, RLF’s high-quality products and remarkable application effects have won unanimous praise and high recognition from the local growers. RLF will continue to work with local distributors to promote technologically innovative products that are more suitable for the local growing conditions, helping growers to obtain better quality fruits and higher economic benefits.

Throughout the tour of the Raoyang market, the RLF Tech Team found its products, such as Plant Milk High-N and PowerPK were being used to excellent effect which won the unanimous praise of grape growers because of the good application effects and cost-effective performance. In particular the benefit of RLF PowerPK on grape colour changing period is very significant.

More follow-up visits to the area are being planned, as PowerPK during the colour changing period can achieve:

Uniform colour change, shortened colour changing time

Thickened fruit powder with good hardness, and

Early market listing

The Way Forward for the Raoyang
Grape Growers

In recent years, the impact of high quality and high price has made fruit farmers focus on yield and quality, with a change of emphasis from pursuing output per mu, to pursuing benefit
per mu.

High quality is becoming the standard pursued by Raoyang grape growers. The realisation of better quality is the value of RLF products. This time, the RLF Agricultural Technology Team walked into Raoyang, went deep into both greenhouse and the field, and explained the grape fertilisation management technology in accordance with the local planting situation. This was recognised and welcomed by local growers.

With the development of scale, how to make grapes sell at a better price has become the burning question, however input costs need also to be kept economical.

This year, as the grapes went on the market, some merchants came into the sheds with sugar measuring instruments to measure the sugar content. If the sugar content is low, the price will be reduced or the grapes simply not needed. So, it is in the growers’ interests to ensure their vines produce only the finest quality grapes.

Through the demonstration and promotion of products, combined with scientific management technology, RLF provides more efficient and high-quality products and crop solutions for growers and helps farmers realise the improvement of grape quality
and income.

We look forward to more stories of grape growing success from the activities of RLF agricultural technology service team in Raoyang. The local sales team will continue to provide customers and growers with high-quality and considerate services.