Healthy soil is the foundation of the world’s food system and soil sustains life.


. These are the two indisputable facts and certainties for the world’s agricultural systems. Healthy soils produce healthy crops and pastures, that in turn provide nutrition and daily sustenance for people everywhere.

It is often said that agriculture is the only essential industry on earth. This then is all the more reason to understand the important role that we can all play in underwriting the management and care of our precious soil through modern farming practice and restorative agricultural processes.

In www.soilmatters.info RLF presents a platform for the exchange of information and ideas specifically relating to the soil. It also acknowledges the premise of soil sustainability if the gains needed to face future food security challenges are to be met.

RLF recognises the importance of caring for our agricultural soils and is at the forefront of developing sustainable products, technologies and fertiliser concepts that all work for this important goal. RLF understands that maintaining healthy soils demands effort from every sector, and that continual improvement, innovation and advancing knowledge all have an important role to play. womens health. Our soils are not endlessly accommodating, benevolent, generous, good-natured and giving – they are a living, dynamic ecosystem that requires careful management if they are to survive and keep performing well.

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