Follow an Inspirational Crop Nutrition Story that Delivers Excellent Results

Heilongjiang Province is located in the northern most part of China and is a high-quality rice production base. Rice farmer, Mr Liu planted 600 mu of rice this year in Fuyu County, and he used RLF Broadacre Plus on 585 mu of it. This is his story.

On 15th October 2020, the RLF Team held a local demonstration meeting and conducted on-site production testing where it was revealed that the rice crop treated with the RLF crop nutrition program had low water content, high yield of rice and remarkable quality improvement effect. It is estimated that the price per kilogram is 0.34 yuan more than that of the Control crop – with an increased income per mu of 345 yuan! This is a remarkable result.

Details of the Evaluation Trial

Location Lijian Village, Fuyu County, Qiqihar City, Heilongjiang Province
Farmer Mr Liu Bo
Crop Rice
RLF Crop
Nutrition Program
Growth Period Application Product and Method
Tillering Stage Broadacre Plus 500ml/ha applied by drone
Break Stage Broadacre Plus 500ml/ha applied by drone
Filling Stage Broadacre Plus 500ml/ha applied by drone

Overall Comparison

The RLF Team selected four strains of rice from both the RLF-treated field and the Control field.

It became evident that the ears of rice were larger, the grains fuller, the yellow colour was exactly as it should have been and the maturity stage was reached earlier.

Water Contrast

A high moisture content of rice will reduce the yield of rice, shorten the storage period and shelf life and affect the taste. None of these things are conducive to the production efficiency of rice processing.

Under the same management conditions, the water content of the RLF-treated rice was less at 13.3, with that of the Control rice registering 16.0. Only from water comparison, control field purchase price is lower 0.04yuan/kg than demonstration field.

Yield Comparison

The milled rice rate is one of the essential standards to measure the quality of rice, because it directly affects the final income realised at market by the farmer. The RLF Team randomly selected 150g from both fields.

  • The weight of the Control field white rice was 93.2g with the milled rice rate at 62%.
  • The weight of the RLF-treated white rice was 102.4g with the milled rice rate at 68%, giving a higher result.

Yield Measurements

Through the production test, the yield per mu for the Control field was 737.04kg, and the yield per mu for the RLF-treated field was 765.38kg per mu. This showed an increase of 3.85%.

Compared with conventional fertiliser management, the acquisition price of the RLF-treated produce was 0.34 yuan/kg higher than that of Control produce. This was due to low water content and higher yield of rice. And importantly the income per mu was increased by 345 yuan!

Yield Per Mu(kg) Increased Yield Unit Price (Yuan/kg) Income Per Mu (Yuan) Increased Income (Yuan)
Control 737.04 3.9 2,211
RLF Program 765.38 +3.85% 3.34 2,556 +345
Income The usable area is 585 mu, and the increased income per mu is 345 yuan, so the total increased income is 201,825 yuan

The large growers who participated in the on-site meeting affirmed the beneficial application effects of
Broadacre Plus on rice.

Further Evaluation Trials

In October, rice will be harvested in various regions of China, and the RLF Team will visit the rice demonstration fields in Heilongjiang, Ningxia, Jiangsu and Zhejiang provinces to test the rice yield.

Let’s wait for some further exciting results.