How an RLF Crop Nutrition Program Helped

The chewing of betel nut (Areca catechu) is a long-held tradition in many parts of the world. More than 800 years of recorded history of this exists in Hainan, China, alone. According to statistics, there are approximately 700 million people around the world who chew betel nut, and consumer trends indicate the upwards growth of this custom. Hainan is the main producing area for betel palm cultivation in China.

Traditionally, these trees are left to grow on their own with only the effects of climate and natural rainfall to aid them. Because of this practice, many growers do not carry out necessary soil remodeling or effective water and fertiliser management programs. During the growth and development of betel nuts, (or after flowering), if the nutrient consumption is not supplemented, or the associated diseases cannot be prevented and effectively controlled, a gradual decline in the strength and health of the plant will occur. And there are an increasing number of betel nut diseases that have a great impact on both yield and quality.

In an effort to increase the knowledge and education of betel nut palm growers, and to teach them fertilisation and management techniques, the RLF technical team went into the field to provide technical guidance to growers and to help solve the problems they were encountering.

The following betel nut diseases were dealt with: mildew, bacterial spot, anthrax and leaf sheath rot disease, and symptomatic drugs were applied. The team pointed out that the farmers should not only prevent and control the betel nut diseases, but also quickly supplement the nutritional needs for the betel palm.

The Recommended Prevention Program

1 Foliar spray with RLF Fruits & Veggies Plus, 20ml with 1,000 times dilution together with fungicides. This will effectively replenish the plant’s nutrient needs after the disease attack and will also enhance the resistance of the plants against further attack. It achieves the effect of balanced fertilisation.
2 Furrow injection with RLF Plant Milk High-K, 100ml for each betel palm and microbial inoculum. This can improve the rhizosphere environment, balance the pH of roots and promote new root growth.

The Comparison
Following Application

Before use of the nutritional fertiliser, the plant leaves cannot fall off naturally, and because this happens it effects the growth of the betel nut.

After use of the RLF crop nutrition program, the spoiled leaf sheath sheds, and the betel nut can continue to grow healthily.

About RLF Fruits & Veggies Plus

Fruits & Veggies Plus Ultra Foliar is a High-analysis Broad-spectrum Solution (HBS) that delivers its nutrient package through the leaf. It is highly concentrated and applies the optimum amount of 12 nutrients with a single application. Because of this Fruits & Veggies Plus Ultra Foliar endows the plant with the ability to guard against soil nutrient variability and deficiency, and ensures greater plant protection, increased growth and improved yield qualities.

Fruits & Veggies Plus Ultra Foliar is considerably more efficient, as the formulation is absorbed directly through the leaf cell walls and into the plant for immediate use. Unlike other foliar products it is not inhibited by the need to access the plant via the stomata. This is hugely beneficial for the betel nut palm.

About Plant Milk High-K

Plant Milk High-K is a specialised product for irrigation. It contains 6 essential nutrients, chelates, soluble carbohydrates, phosphorylated metabolites and organic compounds that are readily consumed by soil micro-organisms in order to stimulate soil biological activity and generate enhanced crop health.

Plant Milk High-K is a high quality solution that is easy to mix, quick to disperse and friendly on irrigation equipment.