RLF Presents its YOURAN Range of Specialty Liquid Fertilisers

In June 2020, the China International Special Fertilizer Development Conference (CIS), supported by the China Association for Agricultural Technology promotion, and sponsored by the China Agriculture and Market Media, was successfully held at the Intercontinental Hotel, Chengdu Global Center.

RLF participated in the Exhibition with its brand YOURAN, a series of twelve (12) specialty liquid fertilisers for targeted crop nutrition. It attracted the attention of a large number of participants and the multimedia.

The YOURAN Range of Products

This series of specialty products includes the following:

1. Youran® Seed Power Liquid (specialty seed priming product)
2. Youran® Full Power Liquid (specialty broad-spectrum foliar product)
3. Youran® Calcium Power Liquid (specialty calcium foliar product)
4. Youran® Boron Power Liquid (specialty boron foliar product)
5. Youran® Potassium Power Liquid (specialty potassium foliar product)
6. Youran® Strength Power Liquid (specialty high-level calcium foliar product)
7. Youran® Energy Power Liquid (specialty foliar, fertigation or soil injection product for use in the flowering phase of
crop growth)
8. Youran® Zinc Power Liquid (specialty zinc foliar product)
9. Youran® Green Power Liquid (specialty high-input nitrogen product for fertigation or irrigation systems)
10. Youran® Phosphorus Power Liquid (specialty high-input phosphorus product for fertigation or irrigation systems)
11. Youran® Red Power Liquid (specialty high-input potassium product for fertigation or irrigation systems)
12. Youran® Root Power Liquid (specialty high-input phosphorus product for boosting root development and growth)

RLF’s Contribution to the Conference

As an educator, practitioner and technical adviser to the concept of plant protection and crop nutrition and health, RLF’s Technical Director, Ma Deliang, gave a presentation titled ‘Plant Protection Nutrition, Lighting the Future’ during the conference.

The essence of Ma Deliang’s speech was that the final yield of crops is determined by nutrition and plant protection. Plant protection products protect crop yield, and nutrition products increase crop yield.

At present, more than 70% of the country’s land has soil deficiency problems, and field deficiency syndromes. Compound deficiency and recessive deficiency are difficult to diagnose. The lack of trace elements has become a bottleneck for increasing crop yield and therefore income. The combination of pesticides and fertilisers makes up the short board of soil and breaks the bottleneck of yield increase. It can achieve multi prevention, increased production, improved quality and resisst stress – and this achieves the effect of 1+1>2.

Therefore, plant protection and plant nutrition IS the future development direction of agriculture.

Special Award

During the meeting, RLF Broadacre Plus (Youran® Full Power Liquid) won the title of ‘Best 100 Special Fertilizer Star Product’.

RLF’s Acknowledgement of the Professionalism of the Conference

During the RLF Night, the General Manager of RLF China, Dr Mike Lu, thanked Mr. Feng and his team for organising a very professional conference in 2020 and thanked our customers for their support for RLF in the past, in the present and into the future. He also said that it was a great pity that RLF’s Managing Director, Mr Ken Hancock couldn’t attend because of the pandemic travel constraints, however he specifically recorded a video to welcome everyone to the RLF Night, to thank you personally for joining us and sharing this special evening here in Chengdu.