Successful Seminar to promote R&D in China

Successful Seminar to promote R&D in China


From 28th – 30th October 2016 a seminar was held for the core retailers of the agricultural industry. The meeting was held at the Empark Grand Hotel in Kunming, Yunnan Provice, China. Key industry corporations and companies were involved and RLF China was very pleased to be a contributor and was represented by Dr Mike Lu, General Manager and the Research & Development Manager, Mr Clayton Blanchard.

Senior executives from other distinguished companies were also present and made major contributions to the dialogue and discussion, along with more than 40 core retail owners and operators. Media outlets attended and included both radio and television stations, so the importance of the messages of quality agriculture and modern farming advances would have been projected to the farming and growing community.

The Keynote Presentations

Several presentations were made to the meeting over the three days.

An outline of some of the key speeches are as follows :

General Manager of Yunnan Jiachen Company, Jiao Shuisheng welcomed everyone to the seminar. Mr Jiao informed that the Yunnan Jiachen company was founded in 2014, and since that time it has been committed to bringing together first-class plant nutrition products and first-class agricultural services. In his view he said “this combination was the only intellectual approach – being a full nutrition program for more economical crops and outcomes in Yunnan”. With the rise of precision agriculture, the company supports innovative fertiliser ideas for both seeds and plants with special focus on the quality of cultivated land. In fact a fully integrated service from the seed to the dining table for the whole industry supply chain.
Vice Chairman of Italy Green Fertiliser Group, Mr. Noranzo through his translator told the seminar about the future development trend of plant nutrition. Many agricultural stores in Italy not only provide compound fertiliser, water soluble fertiliser, liquid fertiliser, pesticides and agricultural machinery, but also provide the necessary technical guidance and sale of agricultural products. In most situations the agricultural stores even act as a farm transfer agent. He went on to say “it pleases people that these integrated services are fundamentally consistent with the comprehensive agricultural service ranging from seed to table which the Yunnan Jiachen is exploring”.

The Italy Green Fertiliser Group therefore looks forward to introducing better products and adopting more methods and ideas to solve the soil problems and plant problems encountered by Chinese farmers.

The Australia Rural Liquid Fertilisers (RLF) Operations Manager, who is based at RLF China, Mr Clayton Blanchard presented a detailed background of RLF and its key products and features through his translator. RLF is a world class fertiliser company that has developed highly advanced crop nutrition products for global agriculture and is the manufacturer and global distributor of these products. RLF supports a diverse range of products, customers and markets and has an outstanding technical capacity. He said, “that RLF is a dynamic, committed and customer focused organisation and seeks to make a positive difference in improving the fertiliser application levels and promoting the agricultural development in Yunnan”.
General Manager of the Qingdao SCOF Import and Export Company, Wang Chengtao reported on bacterial manure in Japan. He was joined by the General Manager of the Hangzhou Ruinian Company, Tian Caojiang who talked about water soluble fertiliser. Together, they shared the company’s layout of quality agriculture and superior product in Yunnan respectively, and both said “they looked forward to working with distributors to promote quality agriculture and organic agriculture”.


The Chief Strategist of Shenzhen SUNCOO Marketing Company, Wang Shunsheng shared the instant success, and the collective lost, confronted by the current agricultural marketing combined with his own 15 years of marketing experience. Mr Wang focused on the missed direction, marketing failure, stalled growth and profits lost. Finally, he introduced the concept of the “three core model”, “three cascade win”, and won praise from the present agricultural boss.

Senior Agricultural Expert, Wang Biao regarded the “ask for money from the market” approach as his topic, and lead the meeting to his unique view – return it to the fields. He believes that the success lies with a complete team approach, and asks that all sales managers and executives return to the fields, from where they can experience and capture the market. In a word, he said “the field is the place where the agricultural people get chances”. Mr. Wang detailed how returning to the fields in a range of ways, from investment, meeting, promotion, farmland and assessment, would be beneficial for quality
agricultural development.


General manager of Yunnan Jiachen Company, Jiao Shuisheng in closing the successful seminar, stressed once again his determination of embracing a program of full crop nutrition solutions and adhering to the road of quality agriculture.

He believed that the Yunnan Jiachen will go farther with the support of a group of like-minded partners and he thanked all the contributors to the meeting.