With an RLF Crop Nutrition Program that is Easy to Understand and Manage
In recent years, Sichuan Province, which is located in the Southwest of China, has built itself into ‘the hometown of late-ripening citrus in China’. It has a vigorously developing citrus industry and local farmers are working especially hard to increase their incomes.

As the soil and climate are suitable for citrus growth, the late-ripening citrus industrial park is developing rapidly. However, problems still exist with inadequate levels of technical understanding and as a result, incomplete crop management.

Infield, the citrus trees showed a series of leaf yellowing and pre-senility phenomena, which contributed to the differences in fruit size, poor appearance and taste, and decreased yield and quality. In 2020, the RLF Technical Team customised the scientific fertilisation program and provided technical service and guidance, and we can happily say that it achieved good results.

The Demonstration Crop Specialty Fertiliser Program

Crop Type Oranges
Crop Location Late-ripening Citrus Demonstration Park, Langzhong City, Sichuan Province
Crop Program Application Dates Products Used
25th September 2020 Irrigate with Plant Milk High-N, diluted at 1:800
25th October 2020 Foliar Spray with Fruits & Veggies Plus, diluted at 1:1000
10th November 2020 Irrigate with Plant Milk High-K, diluted at 1: 800
20th November 2020 Foliar Spray with Fruits & Veggies Plus, diluted at 1:1000

The Observations that Followed

During this inspection visit the RLF Technician found that the LEAVES in the RLF-treated demonstration area were larger and a darker green. Their thickness was increased and the toughness of the new shorts were also better.

In comparing the FRUITS, the RLF Tech found that in the RLF-treated area they were turning colour uniformly, and about 7 – 10 days earlier than the fruit in the Control area. The hardness of the fruit was better, as was the skin gloss. All very good indicators for the RLF-treated trees.

How the RLF Products Helped Achieve these Outcomes

1. By providing the trees with all of the required supplementary medium and micro (trace) elements needed by the citrus trees, through a foliar spray directly onto the leaves with RLF Fruits and Veggies Plus, improves the yellowing phenomenon of the citrus leaves, makes them a darker, healthier green and enhances photosynthesis.
2. Irrigating with RLF Plant Milk High-K in the later stages of crop development, makes the fruits larger, more uniform in size, a bright colour and smoother surface. This achieves a significant quality improvement effect for all the fruit.

Final Comment and Feedback from the Growers

The person in charge of the citrus base recognised the significant effects of RLF’s nutrition program immediately and said that “they would promote the RLF Crop Nutrition Program in a much larger area next year”. He went on to say that “he is hoping to improve the quality of citrus and improve the market competitiveness and influence of local late-ripening citrus through RLF’s scientific fertilisation program”. This is good news for growers, and good affirmative feedback for the RLF Team, as they work hard to demonstrate more programs such as this one for growers of other crop types.