How RLF Specialty Fertilisers are shaping successful outcomes in China

How RLF Specialty Fertilisers are shaping successful outcomes in China

The photos that follow were all taken on 8th October 2016.

They formed part of a trial using RLF Plant Milk-High N in the seedling stage, Plant Milk High-K at later growth stage and RLF Ultra Foliar Fruits & Veggies Plus.

The sugarcane was planted in the district of Panyu in Guangdon Province, China.

How the Fertiliser was Used

The cane farmer started by applying Plant Milk High- N during the seedling stage, then changed to Plant Milk High-K when the crop was more advanced (in all, on five occasions). He then followed up with three applications of Ultra Foliar Fruits & Veggies Plus. He added a jin* of each of the Plant Milk products for each application, and coordinated the final three applications with the foliar spraying schedule. The Control crop followed normal practice for the particular growing region.

*a Chinese measure

Interim Results

Even though the following photo images were taken in the early to middle stages of the growth of the crop, the trend was being established and the farmer was very pleased with the progress of his trial. He reported the following comparisons :

Summarising the Trial so far

RLF’s Sales Manager for the region will continue to monitor this sugarcane trial with interest. He intends to talk again with the farmer to see exactly what outcomes have been achieved when the crop matures just prior to harvest.

Plant Milk and Ultra Foliar Fruits & Veggies Plus products have proved themselves a successful combination for sugarcane in China.

Information About the Products Used