RLF Fruits & Veggies Plus delivers an excellent nutritional program
Here comes the summer, and that special time of the year that people love to eat bitter gourd. It is a seasonal favourite. It is a cooling and much appreciated summer food.


Here comes the summer, and that special time of the year that people love to eat bitter gourd. It is a seasonal favourite. It is a cooling and much appreciated summer food.

Bitter gourd (Momordica charantia) is widely cultivated in South China and is known also by a variety of common names such as bitter melon, bitter squash, and balsam-pear. It has some unique characteristics, such as being pollinated by means of water and being able to withstand very high temperatures. Bitter gourd also tolerates fertilisers extremely well, and this is a helpful feature for farmers.

What farmers are most concerned about however is how to produce high quality and high yielding bitter gourd crops to sell at a
good price.

Therefore, RLF Ultra Foliar product Fruits & Veggies Plus was chosen to experiment with.

To check upon the nutritional program effects the RLF Sales Manager in charge of Guangdong Province, Shen Zhiqiang, paid a visit to the bitter gourd growers in Renhe Village, Bingcun Town, Mei County, Meizhou City, Guangdong Province on 27th April 2017.

Outline of the Experiment

The demonstration farmers all followed a very simple crop nutrition program.

1. Foliar spray with 25ml of Fruits & Veggies Plus at 600 times dilution per half Mu land (approx. 330 sqm)
2. Apply five times (5x) throughout the bitter gourd
growing season

The Excellent Results

The photo images that follow show the differences between the Treated and Untreated plants.

A Record of Comparison

Bitter Gourd is another example of why more farmers are using Fruits & Veggies Plus an Ultra Foliar fertiliser with 12
essential nutrients.
These 12 nutrients are all safely balanced without any chemical antagonism. The nutrients are all at the required quantities to suit the plant’s optimum requirements, therefore highly beneficial for all growth stages for crops like bitter gourd.

There are many benefits delivered by Fruits & Veggies Plus and some of these are :

Why RLF Fruits & Veggies Plus is Beneficial for
Bitter Gourd Pest Attack

Bitter gourd unfortunately attracts a number of harmful bacterial diseases that require constant vigilance on the part of the farmer.

Bactrocera cucurbitae is one such disease and the lack of crop nutrition or crop protection practices can see bitter gourds easily infected. Bactrocera cucurbitae is an exotic insect pest that not only harms bitter gourd but cucumber, sponge gourd, winter melon and other melon crops as well.


RLF Fruits & Veggies Plus provides the best combination of plant health and plant nutrition possible, and the results of the experiment conducted on bitter gourd in the Guangdong Province support this.

Because of the situation with pest attack on the bitter gourd crop, the RLF technical team have agreed to work with local dealers to launch a program of pest control techniques and crop nutrition together. But the RLF message is simple : that by supplying the plant with a balanced nutritional fertiliser such as Fruits & Veggies Plus healthy crop outcomes are more assured, because stronger plants are able to better withstand a pest attack because of their robust growth, root development characteristics and health.

Fruits & Veggies Plus Ultra Foliar is a versatile and easy to use product for growers of bitter gourd.