How an RLF Integrated Fertiliser Management is boosting yield

How an RLF Integrated Fertiliser Management is boosting yield
by Echo Dong, Marketing Officer


A very successful seminar was presented by RLF on 30th August 2016 in Mengzhou, Henan Province China, for growers of peanuts on how to achieve a high yielding fertiliser management program. Several agrichemical and grower network organisations joined with RLF on the day, and a variety of speakers contributed to the robust discussion and educational presentations delivered during the seminar. It was a gathering of like-minds all seeking better outcomes for peanut growers. More than 200 people attended.

Why the Peanut is Important and Why it is Under Pressure

The peanut occupies an extremely important position in China’s crop and oil crop production.

It not only effectively guarantees the safe supply of edible oil, but also is one of China’s main agricultural products. There is strong international competitiveness in China for this crop, so opportunity for successful trade outcomes exist. With the gradual improvement of the population’s quality of life, the demand for peanut oil and peanut products increases with every year.

At the same time, the peanut is characterised as having wide adaptability, endures drought, has water-logging and barren tolerance and delivers a relatively high economic benefit. And beyond that, the maize (corn) price has recently moved lower making peanut a viable alternative crop investment for growers. Therefore, expansion has been noted in the agricultural land area being allocated to the planting of the peanut crop.

But a combination of factors such as the aging of peanut varieties, the unreasonable use of pesticide and fertiliser, the destruction or degradation of natural soil fertility and ecosystem, all coupled with the effects of natural disasters have added to the factors that endanger the long-term production of peanuts.

To achieve stable yield, higher yield and a good sale price has therefore become the top priority for the current ‘crop’ of peanut growers who are all very keen to address these new challenges.

Working Together in the Field

Observations were made in the farmer’s field on the day, of the beneficial effects of RLF’s products BSN Seed Primer and Broadacre Plus Ultra Foliar. Together they form a powerful nutrition relationship

Dr Mike Lu, RLF China General Manager, presented a paper on the importance of the joint use of both crop protection and crop nutrition programs.

He provided greater detail about the nutrition concept of ‘breakfast, lunch and dinner’ for the crop to achieve outcomes of both higher quality and higher yield. Essentially, this is RLF Integrated Fertiliser Management (IFM) program.

The Technical Manager of the RLF China, Ma Decao, described the application principle of trace elements for peanut crops in detail.

It was during this presentation that the thorough detailing of application rates, timings and expected performance outcomes of both BSN and Broadacre Plus Ultra Foliar was described for the audience. He also referenced how these same products can bring the same benefits to wheat and maize (corn) crops. Those attending the seminar also learned more about the peanut’s physiology, and how a program of foliar spraying with an Ultra Foliar like Broadacre Plus can give the crop greater protection against disease and insect attack. By attending to the crop’s total nutrient needs more robust root systems are developed, that in turn sustain and strengthen the plant’s ability to yield more healthier peanuts. The evidence of this fact was there for all to see.

A Successful Day Concludes

All participants were deeply impressed by the information they received and the observations that they made on the day. The conference room was filled to capacity, there was lively discussion, excellent and insightful questions asked and orderly observations of the effects of BSN and Broadacre Plus Ultra Foliar on the peanut crop.
So ended a very successful day.

The Products Demonstrated on the Day

  • BSN Seed Primer

    BSN Seed Primer is a unique technology developed by RLF, and now used by over 3 million farmer customers world-wide. Considerable ‘in-the-ground use’ and the subsequent compilation of trial data has made BSN the world’s top selling Seed Primer. Seed priming elevates all critical nutrients to within optimum range. The seed embryo senses this elevated level of nutrient and sets potential for maximum yield. It then continues to provide benefit in the critical first 2-3 weeks following germination, by providing phosphorus and trace elements from the primed seed to the young plant when availability of granular fertiliser is often limited. BSN drives early vigour root system development, improving uptake of granular fertiliser and access to moisture whilst generating increased soil organic matter, root turn over and microbial activity. It also offers improved tolerance to climatic and other adverse environmental conditions.

  • Ultra Foliar Broadacre Plus

    Broadacre Plus Ultra Foliar is a High-analysis Broad-spectrum Solution (HBS) that applies nutrient delivery technology to deliver its nutrient package through the leaf. It is highly concentrated and applies the optimum amount of 12 nutrients with a single application. Because of this Broadacre Plus Ultra Foliar endows the plant with the ability to guard against soil nutrient variability and deficiency and ensures greater plant protection, increased growth and improved yield qualities. It is considerably more efficient, as the formulation is absorbed directly through the leaf cell walls and into the plant for immediate use. Unlike other foliar products it is not inhibited by the need to access the plant via the stomata.