Broadacre Plus Ultra Foliar trialled on Pear Orchard
Three days after being treated with Broadacre Plus Ultra Foliar, the yellow leaves of the pear trees began to turn green…. This is a story of RLF product being aerial sprayed with excellent results.

The Method of Crop Nutrition Delivery

1. Choose an electric single rotor plant protection unmanned aerial vehicle with a loading capacity
of 16kg.
2. Demonstrate effectiveness with a test load
of 10kg.
3. Spray RLF’s specialty Ultra Foliar fertiliser Broadacre Plus along with any crop protection chemical over the pear tree orchard in accordance with application and flight instructions.
4. Apply 50ml per mu (750ml per hectare) at 40 to 50 times dilution at a flying height above the trees of 1m–1.5m, with the flight speed set at between 3m–4m per second.

UAV in action

This was the deficiency that needed correcting, trees with yellow leaves and showing signs of stress. The trees treated with Broadacre Plus showed no signs of yellowing.

The Excellent Results

Three days after being treated with Broadacre Plus the yellow leaves of the pear trees began to turn green. The contrast effect is evident.

The malnourished yellow leaves showed obvious changes, turning green and developing thicker leaves with good toughness.

The agricultural airplane control application promotion of RLF’s Broadacre Plus on the Shaanxi pear trees achieved success.

The pear orchard sprayed with the RLF Broadacre Plus

The Challenges facing the Region of the Aerial Spraying Trial

Pucheng County is the famous hometown location of pear in China.

Pucheng Pear is very popular among the Chinese population because of its regular shape, crisp flesh, juiciness, sweet taste and small kernel. These are all features of a premium crop.

At present, there are a total of 250,000 mu (16,667 hectare) of pears under cultivation in Pucheng County, with an output exceeding 1 billion pears each year. The Pucheng pear has gone abroad, exported to high-end markets in Europe, America, Southeast Asia
and Australia

The pear growers watch the scene of UAV spraying

There are about 100,000 farmers engaged in the pear production industry in Pucheng County. Pear growers and the local government are increasingly concerned about how the quality of produce is to be improved. Based on this concern the China Agricultural Aviation Plant Protection Association organised an experiment to check on the application effects of RLF’s Broadacre Plus on a pear orchard growing in Jingyao Town, Pucheng County, Weinan City, Shaanxi Province on 22nd May 2017. The help of the professional test company called Beijing Zhonghenongtai Aviation Technology Co. Limited was enlisted, using the electric single rotor plant protection unmanned aerial vehicle (as seen in the photographs).

The test orchard area was 7 mu (0.47 hectare), and the application rate was at 50ml per mu (or approximately 375ml of Broadacre Plus for the orchard).

Why RLF Broadacre Plus is the Best Crop Nutrition

In the field of aviation plant protection, UAV’s do not only spray pesticides, but they can also be used for spraying foliar fertilisers.

Specialty fertiliser products are being developed for agricultural airplane control and RLF is at the forefront of this innovative, modern practice. But it should be appreciated that not just any foliar nutrition product is suitable for aerial spraying. Particular attributes and product quality are essential. They should :

be a pure liquid
have no precipitation
carry no impurities
be hormone free
have good pesticide compatibility
be accredited with high safety values
relieve phytotoxicity
improve the control effect of mixed agents
have a high concentration of elements with
good sedimentation
Learning from the experience of many years of agricultural aerial spraying in Australia, RLF developed the first agricultural airplane control dedicated foliar nutrition product for China agriculture. Broadacre Plus Ultra Foliar. RLF has now successfully introduced plant nutrition into the agricultural airplane control practices. The combined program of airplane control plant protection and plant nutrition is fast becoming the best choice.

Broadacre Plus has the advantages of high safety, good compatibility, complete nutrition, rapid absorption, good sedimentation, improved control effect and addresses all the prerequisites for a specialty liquid crop nutrition fertiliser to combine with a plant protection and
nutrition program.

Considerable research, development, trials and evaluations have shown that it can also guarantee healthy crops and yield – so better outcomes for the farmer on all fronts.