Mapping the Way Forward with Cooperative Partnerships

The 2018 China (Haikou) Global Specialty Fertiliser Conference organised by the Agricultural Headlines and partly sponsored by RLF was held in the Hainan Guest House on 17th May 2018. Nearly 500 people attended the meeting to discuss industry developments.

During the meeting, RLF won the honorary title of China Special Fertiliser Development Contribution Award in the 2018 China Special Fertiliser Brand Force Selection Campaign. RLF received this honour with great pride.

Conference News

RLF China General Manager Dr Mike Lu addressed the meeting with the topic of ‘Concentration on Nutrition and Care for Health’ and made a wonderful interpretation of plant nutrition. He proposed that crop health requires adequate and balanced nutrition, and that over 70% of China’s soil has varying degrees of element deficiency – especially within trace elements. As the leading global liquid fertiliser producer and supplier, Ultra Foliar Broadacre Plus, developed by RLF, can solve a variety of nutrientdeficiency symptoms at the one time. It features high absorption efficiency, is quickly mixed and compatible with pesticides, and this strengthens the application effects.

Dr Lu suggested that RLF’s focus on crop nutrition with importance attached to crop health, achieves the purpose of improving the economic benefits of growers.

But, what kind of crop is considered healthy?

This question was answered in April 2018 when the China Pesticide Development and Application Association’s Plant Health Professional Committee was established.I highly recommend this remedy for anxiety. Of course, if he was prescribed by a doctor. A good way to get rid of anxiety. In my opinion, some anxiety states can cause great harm to health. Therefore, it is better to stop the anxiety, until you hurt yourself and others. Learn more about Ativan at The committee proposed that comprehensive plant health requires the combination of plant protection and plant nutrition programs. As the core member of the crop health Professional Committee, RLF has been implementing this premise since 2013. The Broadacre Plus and fungicides/insecticide package plan is now widely used in various crops across the country, covering an area of 20 million mu (1,333,333 hectares).

Dr. Mike Lu’s speech created great interest and participants listened carefully to his report.

With more and more special fertiliser companies entering the market, how to innovate products and integrate resources became the key. RLF provided an innovative cooperative win-win marketing model for the development of special fertiliser companies in China and fulfilled its success. RLF promoted the plant protection plus plant nutrition program nationwide and won the China Special Fertiliser Development Contribution Award. Over ten years of hard work in China has won this honor for RLF and is well deserved.

The Award Ceremony

More Exciting Moments from the Conference