BSN Superstrike, Broadacre Plus and PowerPK – all Proven Performers
Three of RLF’s top performing products attracted customers’ attention at the recent 2018 Heilongjiang Plant Protection Conference. The trade show was held in mid-December 2018, and is an important platform for information dissemination and exchange, investment, trade and cooperation, and especially for building customer relationships. It allows companies like RLF to showcase their technological progress and product innovation.

During the exhibition, the products displayed by RLF attracted a large number of visitors to call in and consult. Guests were especially interested in the three star products on display.

RLF booth at the conference site

Star Product No.1 – BSN Superstrike

Seeds are the most basic and key means of agricultural production. They are therefore a special commodity requiring product with high scientific and technological content, as good quality seeds play a key role in increasing production and income.

BSN Superstrike has been available in China for 10 years, and it has been verified to be safe and effective in nationwide
planting trials.

Visitors discussing the Seed Star Product

BSN Superstrike is RLF’s unique seed nutrition-inducing product. It is rich in phosphorus and a variety of medium and trace elements, providing nutrients for 3 to 4 weeks after seed germination. It reduces seed germination risk and eliminates seed variability. As a result it achieves the purpose of germination uniformity, strong roots, strong seedlings and strong disease resistance so that the crops grow stronger and lay the foundation for high yield.

Star Product No.2 – Flight Defence Broadacre Plus

Flight defense is undoubtedly a ‘hot phrase’ in agriculture, especially in the field of plant protection in 2018. The rapidly growing Northeast plant protection UAV market has brought new ways to increase farmers’ production. More and more farmers feel and accept the innovation brought by science and technology to the planting and growing industry. As a special foliar nutrition product for flight defense, RLF Broadacre Plus naturally attracted great attention at the exhibition site.

Visitors discussing the Flight Defence Star Product

Broadacre Plus is a special foliar nutrition product developed by RLF based on Australia’s flight control experience. It can be used with almost all insecticides, fungicides and plant growth regulators with high safety and good compatibility.

Broadacre Plus can provide comprehensive nutrition for crops. The unique biochemical chelating technology contains 12 kinds of macro and medium trace elements that are compatible and without antagonism.

The unique Nutrient Delivery System (NDS) can quickly reach the plant body with high absorption efficiency. The improved nutrient utilisation rate can meet the nutritional needs of crops at the stages of tillering, pollination, grouting and so on, so as to make crops compatible and more efficient.

It is the best choice for flight defense to carry out plant protection and nutrition program integration, and to promote the integration of chemicals and fertiliser.

Star Product No.3 – Phosphate Potassium PowerPK

Phosphorus and potassium are essential nutrients for crop growth and development. Scientific and rational application of various phosphorus and potassium fertilisers can not only improve fertiliser utilisation and reduce agricultural production costs, but also greatly increase yield and crop quality.

RLF PowerPK has a phosphorus content of 232g/L and a potassium content of 426g/L. The high content of phosphorus and potassium elements synergises with biologically active factors to effectively resist the bad weather and meet the demand for phosphorus and potassium of crops.

Visitors discussing the Phosphate Potassium Star Product

RLF PowerPK can be used throughout the growth period. Especially in the flowering period and the fruit-swelling period, when it effectively supplements the nutrition of the crop, increases the fruit setting rate, promotes fruit enlargement, sweetens colouration and early maturity.

It significantly improves crop yield and quality.

It has a high nutrient utilisation rate, fast absorption and there is no need to re-spray if it rains two hours after spraying.

It can be used with almost all pesticides, fungicides and plant growth regulators and has high safety and good compatibility.