Take a Look at the Impact and Outcomes on a Potato Crop

From 2019, RLF China began to promote its special Better Profit (BP) Project on key crops, such as wheat, rice, potato and corn.

Q.     What exactly is the BP Project?
A.     It’s a specially packaged crop nutrition program using RLF Broadacre Plus and RLF PowerPK.

On 20th August 2019, the workers were busy at sorting and packing potatoes in the Planting Base located at Kangqi Town, Wensu County, Aksu Region, Xin Jiang. In total 2500mu of potatoes had reached their maturity.

In order to improve the quality and yield, the owner of the Planting Base, Mr Tang trialled the RLF Better Profit Project in two adjacent plots, with each plot being 230mu.

Under the guidance of the RLF Technical Team, they chose 50mu to foliar spray with the RLF BP project crop nutrition package in each plot, with the remainder using other branded foliar products.

So, at harvest, how does RLF BP Project compare with other products? Let’s take a look!

Location Kangqi Town,Wensu County,Aksu Region,Xinjiang
Grower Mr Tang Bonlin
Trial Area 100mu (in total)
Control Program Other branded foliar fertilisers
RLF BP Package Timing Product Usage
Seeding (8th June)
Early tilling (18th June)
Broadacre Plus 50ml/mu
Later tilling (2nd July)
Potato period (15th July)
Power PK 50ml/mu
First Step

Spray Broadacre Plus at seedling stage and again at early tilling stage.

  • In the early stage of growth for the potato crop, it mainly puts its energy into growing and development of the root, stem, leaf, stolon and tuber.
  • In the middle stage, the over-ground part of the plant is basically stable, and at this time it is the tuber expansion stage.
  • The latter stage is the dry matter accumulation stage. The photosynthetic efficiency of the leaves is maintained to ensure sufficient dry matter accumulation such as potato starch.

Therefore, the early and middle stages are the key stages for absorbing nutrients, and the nutrients need to be provided in advance to sustain the growth needs of the plant through to maturity. Foliar spraying Broadacre Plus provides sufficient nutrition for early plant growth, accelerated stem and leaf growth and improved photosynthetic efficiency. It also promotes root system development and stolon formation.

After spraying Broadacre Plus, the stem of the trial crop was shown to be obviously stronger than that of the Control crop, and the plant height was about 8cm higher than Control. The leaf was thicker, larger and the colour is a darker green. It showed no deficiency symptoms at all. These observations were recorded on 2nd July, 2019.

Second Step

Spray RLF Power PK at later tilling and potato formation stage.

The proportion of phosphate fertiliser as a proportion of the total requirements for potato fertiliser elements is not high, but its role cannot be ignored. As phosphorus deficiency is common in all kinds of soil – especially acidic and heavy soils – available phosphorus is often locked away with low mobility and low utilisation.

RLF PowerPK was sprayed at the later stage of growth at the potato formation stage. It has high content of active phosphorus and potassium 658g/L, and a high absorption utilisation rate to make up for the lack of fertiliser uptake by the root system. In addition, it contains a variety of medium and trace elements, which can prevent premature aging and prolong the life of stem and leaf.

RLF Power PK contains 426g/L potassium and 232g/L phosphorus, with a scientific ratio of phosphorus and potassium. It has high absorption efficiency, enhanced photosynthetic time and intensity of stems and leaves, and it also gives accelerated starch accumulation, which can significantly improve crop yield and quality.

Third Step

Harvest. At this time the RLF Technical Team paid a return visit to observe the results.

The Trial Results

RLF Trial Crop Yield
Control Crop
Yield (kg/mu)
RLF Increase (+) Purchasing Price (CNY/kg) Increased Income (CNY/mu)
Plot 1 3221 2887 11.6% 1.25 417
Plot 2 3881 3460 12.1% 1.25 526

Based on the worldwide experience, RLF’S promoted BP project on the food crop (or relative cheap crop), aims to help farmers get the better profit by increasing the yield. High concentrated products, professional technical support and excellent efficient nutrition project all prove that ‘Grow with Us’ is not only a slogan, but is true.