The Fertiliser Industry Recognises Innovation and Opportunity for Growers

On 3rd – 4th June 2019 the China International Special Fertilizer Exhibition and Development Conference was held at the Kunming
Intercontinental Hotel.

RLF was awarded the ‘Specialty Fertiliser Enterprise Golden Helmsman Award’.

The Presentation of Award

The conference was hosted by ‘The Agricultural and Market’.

More than 1,300 people from both the mainstream special fertiliser enterprises of 40 countries and regions, as well as national
special fertiliser service providers, terminal channel providers and large base planters participated in the meeting. Altogether 50
mainstream brands of special fertiliser companies attended the conference. This is a widely acclaimed event

Scenes from around the conference

RLF Keynote Addres

Mr Ken Hancock, the Managing Director of RLF and Dr Mike Lu, the General Manager of RLF China participated in the meeting.

Together they discussed the new opportunities, the new demands and the new directions for China’s specialty fertiliser market, and together they shared experiences of how specialty fertilisers bring value to farmers. They also spoke positively about, and promoted the development of quality agriculture with people industry-wide.

The conference focused on many different aspects of the industry including the importance of cutting-edge technology and scientific research and endeavour.

At the same time, the CIS Organising Committee awarded enterprises, service providers and terminal service providers that promoted the development and progress of the special fertilizer industry through long-term research and strict quality assurance. During the evening, RLF was awarded the title of ‘Golden Helmsman of the Special Fertiliser Industry’ and was highly praised.

RLF is a pioneer of the global specialty fertiliser enterprises, constantly refining products, exploring the application technologies of their products, and striving for excellence. They let their products ‘do the talking’ and with this the trust of growers is won. RLF also have a leading position and voice in the field of specialty crop nutrition and constantly promote the development and progress of
the industry.

In view of this, it deserves to be the golden helmsman of the special fertilizer industry!

Advanced Product Technology

One of the reasons why RLF became the helmsman of the industry is because of its long program of research and development of world leading product technology. This is wholly due to their Research and Development Department’s commitment and endeavor into global crop nutrition needs for more than two decades. Over the past two decades, RLF’s products have been proven safe and effective both by independent testing and growers around the world.

In sharing the RLF story, Mr Hancock introduced the application situation and advantages of multi-element liquid fertiliser in Australia, and analysed the technical advantages of RLF multi-element liquid fertiliser to maintain world-class level.

  • It perfectly solves the antagonism among
    the multiple elements;
  • its chelating technology can improve crop
    absorption efficiency;
  • a single application can solve the deficiency
    of many elements; and
  • its broad-spectrum technology is safe to mix
    with crop protection fertilisers.

Innovative Marketing Model

Because of the good compatibility of the products, RLF’s multi-element liquid fertiliser can be used together with insecticides, fungicides, herbicides and other crop protection products.

Since 2013, RLF has cooperated with well-established Pesticide Enterprises to give full effect to their respective advantages. Their aim has always been to provide high-quality crop nutrition solutions that complement the crop protection products of the pesticide companies, thereby offering the perfect combination of a plant protection and nutrition foliar program.

In the dialogue section, Dr Lu said that this innovative marketing model of plant protection and plant nutrition together not only gives inspiration to the industry, but the benefit of this innovative marketing model delivers real value to farmers!

Only by bringing value to farmers can the specialty fertiliser enterprises have a good voice.


RLF has been in China for 12 years and has deployed a large number of experimental demonstrations throughout all the growing regions of the country. Only from gathering accurate data, can the improvement in crop quality be highlighted. At the same time, the farmers and growers involved in these product trials and events gain a deeper understanding of the application effects of
RLF products.

It is always a good feeling to be honored, however looking to the future and the needs of its customers is more rewarding.

RLF has strong technology, research and development capabilities. It has a comprehensive catalogue of specialty products and a dedicated staff team to deliver agricultural services.

We never forget our past, we reflect on both challenges and opportunities and we move forward as one team.

More Photos of the Conference