Joint Training Forum held to mark this Important Occasion

On 16th December 2019 the China branch of the RLF Plant Nutrition Training Centres, led by CEO Dr Mike Lu, formally joined with its Vietnamese partner Vinco to launch the Vietnam branch.

About the RLF Plant Nutrition Training Centre

It is a non-academic and non-profit adult vocational and re-education Institution established by Rural Liquid Fertilisers. With many years of cutting-edge scientific and technological achievements, and its practical application technologies and experience as the basis of the content offered at the Centre, it conducts education and training activities for its global partners.

During the training period, the trainees commit to promoting advanced crop nutrition technologies in accordance with the guidance methods of the courses set up by the Training Centre. Each participant will be accredited and issued with a Certificate of Understanding & Knowledge spanning three spheres of training – RLF Junior, Middle and Senior Plant Nutritionist.

All the members of the RLF Training Centre can share freely share the advanced technology experiences and have the opportunity to participate in the global study tours sponsored by the Company with face-to-face exchanges with members and nutrition experts from all over the world.

On the afternoon of 16th December, the first forum in Vietnam was held at the Pullman Saigon Hotel in Ho Chi Minh City.

The Forum gets Underway

The meeting was chaired by Ms Melanie Wu, Deputy General Manager of RLF China. Mr Nguyen Viet Nghia, the General Manager of RLF Vietnam’s valued customer Vinco, and its executives were also invited to attend the meeting.

The Speakers

Dr Mike Lu, General Manager RLF China

He told the audience that RLF, as the first wholly-owned subsidiary of the Australian liquid fertiliser company in China, that it has been serving China now for 13 years, and its products and influence are considered amongst the best in the industry. He also introduced the purpose and characteristics of the RLF Plant Nutrition Training Centre, which will provide targeted education and training for members to improve their professional ability, as well as giving them opportunities for agricultural exchange and information sharing around the world to broaden their horizons and improve their careers.

The Plenary Session was chaired by RLF’s Director of Northern China Regions Ma Decao. He introduced the following speakers.

Li Gang, General Manager of Yili Shuangying Agricultural Materials Co., Ltd.

He told those present, that as the core product and technology of RLF, BSN Superstrike was tested on various crops in Xinjiang by the Shuangying Company and RLF Xinjiang team. The experiment showed that it can improve plant resistance to adversity, and that the seedling rate after seed dressing reaches approximately 98% (on average), especially in cereal crops.

Zhou Xiaoman, General Manager of Liaoning Wanying Agricultural Technology Co., Ltd.

She shared their experiences with the application of RLF Broadacre Plus in land custody. Wanying Ag. Tech. Co mainly provides the whole solution of corn trusteeship, mixing RLF Broadacre Plus with pesticides, insecticides and fungicides, which has excellent application effects. When selling grains, the corn of the farmers served by the Company had higher protein content, which was inseparable from the balanced nutrition of RLF Broadacre Plus.

Wang Shuying, General Manager of Yantai Runyuan Fertiliser Service Centre

Shared her ten-year story of cooperation with RLF on the spot, which moved the participant’s hearts. She also summarised and shared RLF’s apple nutrition program, based on the application practice of the product on apple in Yantai.

Lai Lidong, General Manager of Nankang Wankezi Agricultural Technology Co., Ltd.

He spoke of the four major plans for crop success: plant protection plan, regulator plan and pruning plan are indispensable in order to ensure high yield and stable yield, especially the nutrition plan. He also told of the application effects of RLF products on citrus.

Qiu Mengbin, Senior Technical Manager of RLF China shared the application effects of RLF products in field crops, such as rice, corn, cotton, peanut.
Li Qiongyu, Technical Manager of RLF China shared the application effects of RLF products on economic crops, such as mango, grape and strawberry.
The Marketing Director of Vinco Company introduced the planned sales and use of RLF products in Vietnam. He also shared the application effects of RLF products on durian, mango, citrus, rambutan and other crops.
The concept innovation of plant and nutrition is a major strategic concept of the RLF company. Miss Ma Jing, Fertiliser Product manager of Hebei Weiyuan Biochemical Co., Ltd. was also invited to share the experience of her Company on how to integrate plant protection and nutrition and promote it from the perspective of pesticide enterprises. She introduced the concept of big plant protection proposed by Weiyuan, which coincides with the concept of RLF Nutrition and Plant Protection. And she exchanged and shared a series of field demonstration services carried out by Weiyuan.

Presentation of Certificates of Attendance

Dr Lu Sen expressed RLF’s thanks to Vinco for its strong support for this forum.

The RLF Plant Nutrition Training Centre is a vocational and technical centre with open knowdledge, learning and technical exchange sharing. We Believe that our wider RLF family in China and Vietnam can bring greater technical information and more effective returns to those who are willing to participate in the promotion and application of crop nutrition technology.

Dr Lu awarded the certificates to the first group of
participant members.