RLF to Launch New Global Website Monday 3rd March 2014

When asked about the Company’s new website, Managing Director Mr Ken Hancock, responded very confidently. “This is going to be great for our millions of customers” he said. “It is good to know that we can give our customers so much online information, advice, product knowledge and interactive assessments and problem-solving tools. There is just so much that our customers can learn and be informed about”.

And this is true. The new RLF global website that launches Monday 3rd March 2014 is an excellent resource. Its scope ranges across RLF’s extensive product range together with its industry-leading product categories. It has an extremely valuable support centre and contains a vast array of technical bulletins that address almost every conceivable problem or question that a farmer or grower may need to have answered. It is supported by crop guides and growth cycles and also provides its viewers with real life testimonials from many of its satisfied and happy customers. It also gives the opportunity to take part in online forums and conversations about everything agricultural.

Mr Hancock went on to say “that the staff team that RLF can rely upon have excelled in putting this website together”. He also added that “this same staff team are also available for our customers. No enquiry is too small or too difficult, every query that a customer has will be attended to. We want the world to know that RLF is determined to make a difference with our new online services”.

The RLF Global Website is now open for business @ www.ruralliquidfertilisers.com