'Farmer to Farmer' featuring Grant Borgward is informative and insightful

‘Farmer to Farmer’ featuring Grant Borgward is informative and insightful

Farmer to Farmer is a series of straight talking crop and fertiliser presentations for
farmers everywhere.

Grant Borgward has been RLF’s National Sales Manager for the past 18 years, but first and foremost he is a farmer. Grant farms 8,000ha in Western Australia. He relates to the experiences of farmers in all growing environments, and has vast knowledge about the practicalities of fertiliser routines and practice. He also has an empathetic appreciation of the difficulties often associated with farming enterprise, and he brings much of this experience to his presentations whilst talking to you in each of the videos.

In the series Grant covers a range of topics, all important to farmers and growers.

He gives sound advice about value-adding to every investment decision you make with respect to crop nutrition and he explains in simple and straightforward terms some of the solutions available for the farmer today.

Series 1, begins with About PHOSPHORUS. And there are 16 more to follow in the first series alone. The full catalogue of presentations include :

No. Title
Series 1 | Vol. 1 Phosphorus
Series 1 | Vol. 2 Getting Value for Money
Series 1 | Vol. 3 Applying Trace Elements
Series 1 | Vol. 4 The Best means of Nutrient Uptake
Series 1 | Vol. 5 What Form of Trace Element is Best ?
Series 1 | Vol. 6 Hidden Hunger and the Benefit of Broad-spectrum Foliar
Series 1 | Vol. 7 Broad-spectrum Ultra Foliar
Series 1 | Vol. 8 Combating Paddock Variability and Hidden Hunger
Series 1 | Vol. 9 The Importance of Building Natural Soil Fertility
Series 1 | Vol. 10 Benefits of the RLF Fertiliser Program
Series 1 | Vol. 11 Integrated Fertiliser Management
Series 1 | Vol. 12 Focus on Seeds
Series 1 | Vol. 13 The Best Preparation for your Seed
Series 1 | Vol. 14 BSN Seed Primer
Series 1 | Vol. 15 Setting your Crop for more Viable Tillers
Series 1 | Vol. 16 How BSN Seed Primer Works
Series 1 | Vol. 17 The RLF Advantage

Downloadable presentations and/or a printed fact sheet and summary of each of the presentations is available.

The website at www.ruralliquidfertilisers.com will also give links to further information about a specific practice or a
product mentioned.

This series has been developed to enable farmers everywhere to draw knowledge and inspiration from a fellow farmer as well as to spread further the message of RLF products.

Video No. 1 | Phosphorus

You are invited to view Series 1 | Volume 1 PHOSPHORUS as an advance view of what is being rolled out by RLF over the next 17 weeks to help educate, inform and support farmers through the sharing of our extensive knowledge base.

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