9 Specialty Crop Nutrition Products Launched

VINCO Vietnam has launched a suite of nine key RLF Specialty
Crop Nutrition products to the Vietnamese market.

This is an exciting time for farmers who can now access modern liquid fertilisers that will benefit their crops and enterprises. Specialty fertilisers are purpose-built products formulated for specific markets or specific crop needs.

They can deliver both targeted solutions, or give broad-spectrum nutrition to ensure deficiencies are addressed. They represent an increasing sector of the modern agricultural
fertiliser marketplace.

Specialty crop nutrition fertilisers are defined by special features such as having enhanced efficiency technologies that enable increased agricultural productivity, more efficient nutrient uptake in plants and reduced potential for nutrient losses to
the environment.

In addition, they are easy to apply, incur reduced application costs and have many other resource and labour-saving attributes. They are very much the way of the future!

In April 2018, RLF’s Managing Director Ken Hancock joined with Vinco’s International Director, Nhan Lu (Frank) and his colleagues, as they introduced their partnership.

Now, Vietnam’s agricultural marketplace can now look forward
to the following products:


XFoliar-1 is for plants in the establishment, or vegetative growth phase. It is to be applied to the crop during weeks 2 – 6 after sowing, by way of foliar application. It is a focused source of nitrogen and phosphorus for rapid growth and plant development with balanced trace elements required to support plant establishment. With a pH of 2.8 this product delivers a highanalysis, broad spectrum solution safely to the plant. Uptake efficiency is substantially increased.


XFoliar-2 is for plants in their reproductive growth phase. It is to be applied to the crop during weeks 7 – 12 after sowing, by way of foliar application. It gives high potassium with phosphorus for the latter stages of grain fill and is vital for yield. It delivers balanced trace elements required for flowering and fruiting support. Optimally balanced pH of 6.8, and acetate-based, meaning superior foliar absorption of potassium with a 5X improved uptake rate.

12 Nutrients

As every crop, and every plant, has a quantitatively different nutrient need, the real problem for farmers is knowing exactly what these specific needs are. 12 Nutrients overcome this tiring problem with its broad-spectrum nutrient package that actually fixes the many problems. It has been engineered to provide a highly concentrated foliar solution that has changed the way in which nutrient deficiency issues are managed.

Fruits & Veggies MAX

Fruits & Veggies Plus Max is a High-analysis Broad-spectrum Solution that applies nutrient delivery technology to deliver its nutrient package through the leaf. It is highly concentrated and applies the optimum amount of twelve nutrients with a single application. Because of this it endows the plant with the ability to guard against soil nutrient variability and deficiency and ensures greater plant protection, increased growth and improved yield qualities.


PowerPK is a highly concentrated potassium and phosphorus fertiliser with a near neutral pH and free of chloride and sulphate. It is manufactured to supply phosphorus and potassium as foliar or through the soil as in injection and fertigation. As potassium and phosphorus are highly beneficial for flower induction and fruit growth, PowerPK has the most impact on productivity and return when used during reproductive phase of crop growth.


This is the first in a new range of highly specialised potassium liquid fertiliser products to be known as ACETAK. It is a single element specialty liquid crop nutrition product that delivers potassium to the plant as potassium acetate. This is a proven, powerful source of potassium that is up to 5X more effective.


Tetrachel Tiller is a concentrated foliar fertiliser containing high levels of plant available phosphorus, zinc, copper and manganese for accelerated tiller development and plant growth in cereal crops. It is formulated to provide improved plant response compared to sulphate and oxide forms of micronutrients. The solution contains four forms of chelation that when combined with the products wetting ability increases nutrient uptake through the leaf, availability and translocation of nutrient throughout the plant and energy charging of plant cells.


Caltro High Calcium delivers high levels of calcium to the plant through the leaf or soil when a calcium plant disorder is recognised and established. Foliar application is the most efficient and effective way to deliver calcium to the plant as it bypasses the soil by delivering the remedy directly to the crop through the leaf.

Calcium Plus 17

Calcium contributes to soil fertility by maintaining favourable soil pH and structure. This in turn, is essential for microbial activity as crop residues are converted to organic matter and nutrients are made available to the plant. Soil structure and water holding capacity are also improved with adequate calcium. Calcium Plus 17 fixes plant calcium deficiency which is caused by insufficient calcium in the soil, or created by low transpiration at high atmospheric humidity of the whole plant.


Participate in providing products and services to Vietnam Agriculture since 2006. VINCO is one of the reputed business leaders in the supply of high quality products that are effective for farmers. The company specialises in the import, sales and distribution of plant protection chemicals, fertilisers imported from international companies in Korea, China, Singapore, Japan, Germany, USA and
now Australia.