RLF and Jilin Shengze Agricultural Company Jointly Present Conference Event

On 17th and 18th November 2019 an important product launch conference was partnered at the New Century Grand
Hotel Changchun.

This event allowed the full range of RLF’s specialty liquid fertiliser products to be presented with a particular emphasis on how important they are to the development of the agricultural industry.

Nearly 100 dealers and distributors gathered together to participate in this grand event, despite the cold, snow and wind that was experienced on the day.

To Commence the Meeting

To begin the meeting, the leaders of RLF China and Jilin Shengze Agricultural Co. Ltd. made a joint appearance on stage to officially launch the ceremony. This opportunity was also taken to emphasis RLF’s determination to strengthen its commitment to the Northeast Region with superior products and to start a new chapter for plant protection and nutrition for growers and farmers.

Address by Jilin Shengze Agriculture Co. Ltd.

Song Haiyang, the General Manager of Jilin Shengze Agriculture Co. Ltd., addressed the audience. Mr. Song said that at this present time there is an increase in the size and numbers of cooperatives, family farms, large farmers and other newer agricultural entities and that with this growth comes the corresponding associated production and investment risks.

The idea of combining resources to present both plant protection and nutrition are exactly what the market needs. Jilin Shengze will partner with RLF to implement an integrated solution for both plant protection and nutrition to improve the quality and efficiency of crops, and to provide more efficient support for professional growers.

Address by RLF China

Dr Lu Sen (Mike), the General Manager of RLF China, spoke to the participants about the historical changes of RLF, its transformation from Australia to China and its
international growth.

RLF is one of the largest liquid fertiliser companies in Australia, and was founded in the 1990s. It specialises in the production and sales of high-quality, high-technology liquid fertilisers. Currently, six of Australia’s top ten farms are using
RLF products.

Dr Lu agreed that the era of large farmers has come! Planting is more large-scale and specialised, and the growers pay more attention to the input-output ratio. In China, problems such as excessive application of NPK fertiliser, the comprehensive lack of nutrients and difficulty in diagnosing deficiency symptoms have all been puzzling farmers for many years and have been a major obstacle to increased crop output and income.

RLF grasped the market pain point of the lack of nutrients for crops, and put forward the concept of balanced fertilisation and balanced nutrition in its related products. It has been adequately demonstrated that it is both convenient and efficient to comprehensively supplement the nutrition needed by the crops through foliage.

After consistent verification at home and abroad, the compatibility of RLF nutrition products can withstand the test of the market. In the future, RLF will also introduce more products to serve more Chinese farmers together with its partners such as Jilin Shengze!

RLF Technology for Plant Protection & Nutrition Explained Further

The question to be answered is a simple one. How to operate in order to truly achieve synergy?

The RLF Technology Team has conducted a large number of professional tests throughout the country. Many cases and examples, including cucumber downy mildew, tomato gray mold, wheat yield increase, crop protection with flight control, and so on were shared at the meeting. The test data was analysed and the test results were compared to ensure that the solution could maximise the benefits to the growers.

RLF Technical Director Ma Deliang said that the general lack of trace elements in soil is a major reason for the decline in crop yield, quality and plant resistance.

RLF’s nutritional products can solve the problem of antagonism between elements and improve crop absorption efficiency. By rationally using seeds, foliage and root nutritional products, it can meet the needs of crops, and improve the inputoutput ratio. In combination with the case, Mr Ma enthusiastically introduced products such as RLF Broadacre Plus, Fruits & Veggies Plus, BSN Superstrike and Power PK to
the participants.

Key RLF Products

Group Photo of Participants

RLF has been in China for 13 years. With stable product quality and excellent application effects, RLF has developed a solid brand development pathway and earned an excellent reputation and wide recognition in the industry.

In the future, RLF will insist on being a good advocate and practitioner to meet the market demand. It will work hand in hand with its partners, and make good use of products, technologies and services to achieve more quality improvement for farmers and growers so that they can increase both production and income.

Enjoy some of the Scenes from Around the Conference and Product Exhibition