Introduced at the prestigious China Plant Protection Fair

Introduced at the prestigious China Plant Protection Fair

The 32nd China Plant Protection Information Exchange Conference and Pesticide Machinery Fair, held in Nanjing, Jiangsu Province from 25th – 26th November 2016 was the ideal event to launch several new specialty products.

This was a grand occasion with plant protection exhibitors from over 30 provinces and cities. Amongst the exhibitors were specialised prevention and control organisations, crop nutrition specialists, pesticide and machinery manufacturing enterprises, distributors, and Big Farmers. More than 1,000 enterprises were represented and 180,000 visitors, all interested in agricultural practices and processes, were present at the conference.

Rural Liquid Fertilisers (RLF) was an extremely popular exhibitor at the Information Exchange Conference and Machinery Fair.

As a global leader in liquid fertilisers, RLF established its display at the Fair with many different products on display for participants and visitors to see and evaluate. These products were :

The Managing Director of RLF Mr Ken Hancock and the General Manager, RLF China Dr Mike Lu both attended the meeting, such was its importance.

RLF’s display booth was both functional and impressive and the high-performance specialty products made a deep impression on visitors. RLF attracted the attention of a number of important enterprises who have stated their intention for further discussions of cooperation. This Information Exchange Conference and Fair was the ideal event at which to broaden RLF’s relationships with the agricultural sector in China.

The RLF staff team all worked enthusiastically during the Fair and gave detailed introductions and explanations as to the benefits of the wide range of specialty products. It was very satisfying indeed to receive the number of enquires and appreciative comments from many consultants.

Four new products were then unveiled and these were :

Many enterprises were interested in the new specialty products and RLF has agreed to enter into purchasing arrangements
with several.


The Plant Protection Information Exchange Conference came to an end after two very successful days for RLF. The staff team all came away with the feeling that the era of Specialty Fertilisers has arrived !

RLF is committed to a program of continuous improvement that keeps pace with a fiercely competitive market environment. It will address crop production limitations, improve on-farm practices with information, support and an increased range of specialty products that provide high-technology, modern-day solutions for farmers.