The prestigious 17th China International Agrochemical and Crop Protection Exhibition to be held 9th – 11th March 2016 in Shanghai

Recognising the importance of this international trade expo,RLF not only announces its continuing participation in 2016, but prepares to launch a new range of specialty products, and a new product brand, to coincide with this years CAC.

These are exciting developments for the company as it aims to meet the challenges faced by its global customers – particularly those within the Asian marketplace – and in many ways these two new product ranges have been informed by, and developed in response to, the needs of our customers.

About CAC

CAC is the world’s largest agrochemical exhibition and integrates new product display, technical exchange and trade talks. It therefore becomes the world’s largest one-stop platform for active participation in international trade and cooperation at all levels and for all aspects of the agricultural industry. Not only does it feature fertilisers, pesticides, seeds, crop protection equipment, production and packaging equipment and logistical support services, but provides real opportunity for innovative discussion and exchange for future developments that will support the goals and desired outcomes for the global agricultural industry as a whole.

2016 will see over 1,000 exhibiting companies from more than 20 countries, and it is expected that the Exhibition will attract more than 30,000 visitors. More information about CAC and its planning and organisation for 2016 can be viewed here.


About our exciting new products

RLF proudly releases information about two new product ranges.
They are :

the JOEY range of products that give the same excellence of RLF’s premier products in a simplified and conveniently packaged line of merchandise for especially selected functions
the KING range of products especially for rice, cane and
selected crop types.

The JOEY range of Products

The JOEY Fertilizer brand is synonymous with Australia – hence the simple and effective message demonstrated by the label. JOEY –Australian Made – Direct to Farm.

Introducing JOEY Fertilizer in the following ten fertiliser products :

JOEY Seed Primer Fertilizer
JOEY Field Crops Ultra Foliar Fertilizer
JOEY Fruits & Veggies Ultra Foliar Fertilizer
JOEY Pasture Plus Ultra Foliar Fertilizer
JOEY Rapid Max Foliar Fertilizer

JOEY Rapid Zinc Foliar Fertilizer
JOEY Nutrient Charger Fertilizer
JOEY Fertigation Fertilizer
JOEY Nitrogen Foliar Fertilizer
JOEY Potassium Foliar Fertilizer

The KING range of specialty products

These products are the work of RLF’s highly skilled Technical Team and will be rolled out during the year ahead. These new formulations are specifically designed for integrated, easy use for both sugarcane and rice crops. They are targeted products, designed to achieve maximum benefit for the farmer.

Meet with our Team

RLF’s Managing Director Mr Ken Hancock and and the Director Global Markets Mr Gavin Ball will travel from Australia to be present at the Exhibition. RLF’s local management and support team will also be very pleased to meet with our current customers and clients, and to make themselves available as new contacts and relationships are established.

You are encouraged to register your interest and reserve an appointment time to ensure that you get the attention you deserve. Please make your request direct by email to Mr Gavin Ball at gball@rlf.com.au

RLF is proud of its connection with CAC and is once again looking forward to establishing its presence at this years Exhibition. RLF Managing Director Ken Hancock said, “Our commitment continues. This Event is important to RLF, and gives us the opportunity to establish meaningful working relationships. We look forward to renewing old relationships and also to making new acquaintances during CAC 2016”.

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