Joint Venture Cooperation Sets the Standard for Future Expansion of Services

Through the continuous improvement and innovation of agricultural industrialisation in China, vigorous growth and development of agriculture has occurred in Guangxi.

The cultivation scale and competitiveness of the banana, sugarcane, citrus, sugar orange, dragon fruit and other specialty fruit enterprises all rank in the forefront of production for the country. The agricultural market potential is huge.

RLF recently joined with their Guangxi strategic partners to plan and develop a new journey of acceptance for liquid
nutrient fertilisers.

There are new and evolving challenges for the industry and the agricultural landscape is changing. The big farmers and agricultural cooperatives are replacing small farming enterprises as the main force of agricultural production. This demands higher requirements for crop and production efficiency, not least being greater income potential and the longer-term effects of agricultural inputs.

In response to these new challenges and conditions, RLF convened a Guangxi Market VIP customer platform meeting on 20th October 2018. The General Manager of RLF China Dr Mike Lu, Technical Director, Ma Deliang together with the General Manager of Guangxi Huilong Company, Wei Xiaoqiang and Deputy General Manager, Song Jianhai (as well as sales representatives from the two companies) all met to discuss the way forward.

Discussions being held at the Meeting Site

RLF’s Commitment

At the meeting, Dr Lu said “that following the integration of both the RLF and Huilong brands, it would bring a beneficial blend of product mix, logistics distribution and other field services for customers. It would also provide more development space for farmers, bringing about a truly collaborative multi-party resource sharing”.

Further, he advised that RLF will also gradually increase its human resources and customer service investment in the Guangxi market. Based on long-term and stable cooperation with regional agents, RLF will provide a full range of crop nutrition programs for farmers in Guangxi, bringing them greater fertiliser options, real crop benefits and technical help to achieve an increase in both production and income.

Guangxi Huilong Company’s General Manager, Wei Xiaoqiang, told the gathering “that his company is a first-class agricultural service provider led by agrochemical technology services. It is a designated technical service platform in the Guangxi region for up to 500 agricultural enterprises. The joining together of the two enterprises will bring benefits for everyone involved, including farmers
and growers”

General Manager of RLF China, Dr Mike Lu (middle) with General Manager of Guangxi Huilong Company, Wei Xiaoqiang,
and Deputy General Manager, Song Jianhai

Together, RLF and Huilong will give full access to the advantages of network and resources, making both brands bigger and stronger through channel integration, complementary advantages and field service. This is a real win-win situation. The establishment of a new marketing system not only enhances the channel’s competitive advantage, but also gains the recognition from participating dealers. The distributors from different regions all have offered suggestions for the long-term stable development of the RLF brand into the Guangxi market, and said “that they will work with RLF to enhance the influence of RLF brand in Guangxi”. More importantly though, is the advantage RLF’s superior crop nutrition specialty fertilisers will bring to Guangxi agricultural enterprises.

This is an exciting future.