Awarded the Title of ‘Top Ten Cold Area Rice Star Products’

On 17th September, the 2018 Northeast Cold Area Rice Industry Ecology Conference was held in Harbin.

The conference was hosted by ‘The Agriculture and Market’ media, co-organised by Rural Liquid Fertilisers and other enterprises.More than 800 agricultural elites gathered in Ice City to explore the road of rice development in the cold regions, as well as the transformation and upgrading of agriculture.

During the meeting, RLF’s Broadacre Plus was awarded the title of ‘Top Ten Rice Star Products’.

Presentation of Awards

About the Conference

The Chief Editor of ‘The Agriculture and Market’ media company, Feng Weidong, the representative for the Department of Pesticide Management, Environmental Protection Agency, California USA, Dr Ma Guangming, the Director of Heilongjiang Rice Research Institute, Xie Baosheng, the Director of Heilongjiang Provincial Institute of Land Reclamation and Plant Protection, Mu Juanwei, the Researcher of Plant Protection Station of Heilongjiang Provincial Agricultural Reclamation Bureau, Wang Xianfeng, the Researcher of Heilongjiang Soil and Fertilizer Management Station, Fu Jianhe, the Deputy General Manager of RLF China, Ms. Melanie Wu and the Technical Director of RLF China, Ma Deliang all attended the conference.

At the meeting RLF’s Technical Director for China Ma Deliang, explained the technology behind the application of trace elements in cold area rice, pointing out that together with the planting of high-yielding varieties, the input of organic fertiliser is insufficient. Further, that the excessive use of macro-element fertilisers has led to continuous soil organic matter decline, soil nutrient imbalance and lack of access to the medium and trace elements. Increasing incidences of invisible deficiency and comprehensive deficiency of nutrients had also led to the emergence of diseases and insect pests, as well as the decline in yield, quality and stress resistance of rice.

Technical Director Ma Deliang presenting to the conference.

Heilongjiang Province is the most important export province of commercial Japonica Rice in China.

In 2017, the Heilongjiang rice planting area was over 70 million mu (4,666,667 hectares), accounting for 40% of the county’s Japonica Rice production. The scale and modernisation of agriculture in Heilongjiang Province has been at the forefront of industry development. According to the data that has been completed in the Heilongjiang flight prevention and plant protection operation, the scale of UAV plant protection will exceed 35 million mu in 2018, and it will sit firmly in the first province of the national plant protection flight defense.

Broadacre Plus is a specialty foliar nutrition product developed by RLF and based on more than ten years of flight control experience in Australia. It contains twelve large, medium and trace elements with the characteristics of high safety, good compatibility, comprehensive nutrition, rapid absorption, good sedimentation and improved control effect. It is the best choice for the realisation of the integrated flight prevention pesticide and fertiliser programs.

After two applications of Broadacre Plus on the rice crop in the tillering and filling stages, the results showed that the length of flag leaf increased, the number of grains per ear and 1000-grain weight increased, the living stalk matured, the lodging resistance increased, and the average yield increased by 10%-15%. It has also achieved good application effects in economic crops.

At the RLF Booth

The RLF booth attracted many dealers and farmers to come and consult

More about Broadacre Plus

High safety.
Pure nutrition preparation, without hormones, can be mixed with many kinds of insecticides, bactericides and herbicides after many years of domestic safety testing demonstrating good compatibility.
Comprehensive nutrition.
It contains 12 large, medium and trace elements with comprehensive nutrition. Through chelating, concentrating and film forming techniques, nutrients can quickly reach the plant body, strong leaves can improve photosynthetic efficiency, promote roots and seedlings, improve quality and increase yield.
Rapid absorption.
Dual-channel absorption technology, using a unique high-efficiency chelating agent, high permeability, fast absorption, no need to re-spray after 2 hours of spraying.
Good sedimentation.
High concentration and high specific gravity can increase the settling rate of droplets and reduce the volatilisation of medicinal liquid caused by high temperature and wind field during spraying process.
Improved control effect.
RLF Broadacre Plus can improve the wet ductility of the mixed liquid and increase the number of droplets per unit area, so that the droplets are uniform and the offset is small during the flight defense operation. This ensures the utilisation and control effect of the fertiliser is improved.