Photo review shows healthy and productive crops as a result

Photo review shows healthy and productive crops as a result

The following photo board shows the promising progress of rice crops that have been sprayed with RLF Ultra Foliar Broadacre Plus.

These photo images come from the district of Qingyuan in Guangdong Province, China and were taken on 5th October 2016 by RLF’s Sales Manager in Guangdong Province, Mr Li Jian. He was accompanied on the day by RLF Technical Director Mr Ma Deliang, who was visiting the rice growers involved with the trial project.

The treated crop in the photo board that follows received two applications of UF Broadacre Plus. The Control crop followed the usual practice for the region.

Gauge the difference from these images.

Ultra Foliar Broadacre Plus is considerably more efficient, as the formulation is absorbed directly through the leaf cell walls and into the plant for immediate use and this has many beneficial outcomes. Some of these are :

Increased yield

Improved quality and nutritional value

Greater handling of environmental conditions

Stronger plants to resist disease

Buffering from the effects of crop protection chemicals

Improved uptake of nutrients from the soil

But one significant benefit worthy of further discussion is :

a healthier return for the future

Ultra Foliar Broadacre Plus delivers a root mass that has greater size and volume, meaning that because the root mass is greater it returns more matter to the soil. This is good news for the farmer and good news for the future, as the most effective and cost efficient method of building organic matter in cropping soils is through the enrichment of the crop waste materials and root mass. Crops treated with Ultra Foliar Broadacre Plus achieve all of these things – larger volume plants, larger root structure and mass and higher nutrient values.

This is an amazing product and the photo images showing its use on the rice crop currently under review speak for themselves.