A New Product Range and Updated Product Information now Available

RLF always looks forward to exhibiting at one of the most influential international exhibitions and trade shows for the global agricultural industry, and this year was no exception.

What follows is a snapshot of activities at the 19th CAC (China International Agrochemical & Crop Protection Exhibition) recently held in Shanghai.

CAC 2018 proved to be a busy and productive time for the RLF team.

RLF’s Managing Director Mr Ken Hancock and the Director of Global Markets Mr Gavin Ball travelled from Australia to attend this important event. They were joined by Dr Mike Lu, General Manager of RLF China, Ms Melanie Wu, Deputy General Manager of RLF China and a large contingent of the RLF China staff team.

One of the highlights for the RLF team is to meet old friends and clients, so it was a privilege once again to meet with our international partners and customer groups as they moved through the exhibition space. It was also very satisfying to make new acquaintances and to hold meetings with potential new customers.

One of the most pleasing sentiments expressed by our guests is that of the continual cooperation, support and professionalism they experience when dealing with the RLF staff team. And most commented too, on the weekly e-news delivery they receive in
their in-boxes.

CAC provides the world’s largest agricultural trading platform for the industry, and this annual event gives RLF the opportunity to showcase its speciality liquid crop nutrition product range.


This year a suite of five new products were introduced called Intellitrace.


Most chelated trace element powders, and many chelated liquids available on the market today are derived from sodium salt. Whilst the trace elements may be chelated, these products often deliver unwanted sodium to the plant. This is the undesirable effect that RLF has eliminated from this particular product range. It has successfully formulated these five products so that the metals of zinc, copper, manganese and iron are fully chelated whilst replacing the unwanted and problematic sodium with valuable (and beneficial) potassium in each of the formulations.

And scientifically, this delivers many benefits. The Product Brochure outlines these benefits.

In launching the product range at CAC, RLF’s Managing Director Mr Ken Hancock said “why pay for sodium in EDTA products when Intellitrace can provide 100% sodium-free EDTA chelated trace elements PLUS valuable potassium in one cost effective formulation. Intellitrace is a valuable new addition for the RLF product catalogue”.


Two further documents were publically released during this important event. They were:

RLF attaches a high level of importance to this annual event. It has a grand atmosphere and is an ideal platform from which to promote RLF products and practices. RLF has a unique story to tell, and it is indeed heartening to see how genuinely interested the visitors and guests to the RLF exhibition space were in the science and technology and innovative practice that underpins our brand.

Mr Ken Hancock said, “We look forward to working hard in the interests of our many customers, and we particularly look forward to working in some new and exciting markets as we continue with the roll-out and expansion of our products and brand across the Asia region in particular”.

See you all again next year!