RLF Dynamo High-P Specialty Fertiliser for Irrigation Systems a Winner

On 27th February 2019, 100 people gathered in the growing shed to witness the remarkable results achieved from RLF Dynamo High-P at the rooting and budding phase of more than 400 winter jujubes in Anchang Village, Dali County, Weinan City.

What they observed were plants that were full of vitality and awash with green buds.

Dou Bo is a winter jujube grower in Anchang Village, Dali County. In order to promote the early germination and early marketing, the roots of his winter jujube were irrigated with RLF Dynamo High P on 23rd January 2019. After nearly a month the effects were noticeable and got much praise from the on-site farmers.

It was found that the winter jujube treated with RLF products germinated about 7 days earlier than the Control plants, the new shoot branches were about 3cm higher, the leaves were a darker green and showed no symptoms of deficiency under the same greenhouse and management conditions other than fertiliser program.

The growing shed and the grower who undertook the trial

New shoot length is approx. 6cm New shoot length is approx. 9cm

Grower Mr Dou shares his experience with other farmers

Mr Dou said that the two rows of winter jujube treated with RLF products grew in the north of the shed, with short sunshine and low temperature. Last year, these two lines germinated 7 days later than the southern part of the shed. However, after being applied with the RLF nutritional program the germination time was advanced. And in terms of cost, the RLF nutritional program was cheaper than the Control.

Mr Dou was very satisfied with the application effects of RLF Dynamo High-P.

The RLF-treated winter jujube had the features of early, neat sprouting and strong new shoots. It directly benefited the winter jujube flowering and fruit setting rate. This in turn gave advantage for yield, quality and timeliness to market.

Mr Dou’s case sharing and on-site comparison results was recognised and praised by the local retailers and farmers. Many farmers expressed their interest by ordering Dynamo High-P on the spot.

About Dynamo High-P

It contains biochemically chelated phosphorus, sulphur, copper, manganese, zinc and other nutrients which stimulate root activity, ensure the sustained growth of buds and enhance the ability of tree to resist low temperature. The unique nutrient delivery system can accelerate nutrient transmission efficiency, improve nutrient absorption and utilisation rate, achieve early and complete germination and robust growth of crops.