A collection of some of the amazing moments
A collection of some of the amazing moments
by Cathy Hu, China Marketing Officer and Translator

As the most influential international exhibition of the global agricultural industry, the 17th CAC (China International Agrochemical & Crop Protection Exhibition) recently provided the world’s largest agricultural trading platform for industry professionals. This annual gathering for many global agriculture professions left some
extraordinary memories.

We take a look at some of the highlights for RLF of the show.

The Exhibition Space

RLF’s Exhibition Space was of the highest quality – this was indeed memorable, and was the work and design of a truly motivated and committed team. Located in N4Hall with booth Nos. 4C05-4D05, the team adopted a fresh and stylish design with three entry/exit points. This simple, elegant style also accommodated large screens, and a unique display of products. We take a look at some of the highlights for RLF of the show.

The Respect and Importance paid to the Event

RLF attaches importance to this annual event, with its senior executives in attendance. Mr Ken Hancock, Managing Director, Mr Gavin Ball, Director of Global Markets, Dr Mike Lu, General Manager of RLF China, Ms Melanie Wu, Deputy General Manager of RLF China all attended along with a large contingent of the RLF China staff team. The friendly atmosphere and cordial communication with customers strongly promoted the popularity of RLF products.

The Visitors and Guests

The weather and temperatures throughout the period of the Exhibition were very cold, nevertheless the RLF space was always crowded with visitors and guests because of the interesting displays and continual presentations inside the booth. Many customers expressed the view that they came because of the cooperation and support they receive about the products from the RLF team.

One of the most pleasing displays was the line-up of all the liquid fertilisers from the product range. There was BSN, Ultra Foliar, Foliar, Plant Milk, Dynamo and many other kinds of liquid fertilisers. This was an intriguing display for many of the visitors who could see the superior quality of the product.

The New Fertiliser Industry and the way forward

In 2014, the enterprises of new fertiliser products reached more than 6,600 with the application area estimated at about 9
million hectares.

The modern fertiliser industry has grown at an annual average rate of more than 15% and the GDP is approximately 900 billion RMB, with nearly 12 billion RMB being allocated to profits.

During the show, Dr. Mike Lu presented a conference speech titled ‘Water Soluble Fertiliser and the Integration of Water and Fertiliser’. This speech was very well received and it is expected that liquid fertilisers will be the new direction for the industry, with huge market demand anticipated.

In addition, Mr Ken Hancock and Dr Mike Lu attended the International Fertiliser New Technology and New Technology Release Conference. They introduced the applied technology of RLF Global Liquid Fertiliser which elicited a strong and interested response from participants.

The fertiliser industry in China is in a critical period of transformation and upgrade. The “Zero Growth” Scheme requires that products develop toward the direction of high efficiency and environmental protection. RLF is committed to providing innovative crop nutrition products for the agricultural producers all over the world and through its RLF China company is committed to Chinese agriculture. RLF believes that the food in China will be healthier in the future, and that farmers will enjoy profitable crop outcomes and financial returns because of their innovative products.