How RLF Crop Nutrition Programs have helped Dalian Farmers

Farmers in this planting region mainly grow greenhouse vegetables such as cucumber, tomato and eggplant. For some time now RLF has been demonstrating how the Plant Milk range of products has a beneficial effect on their crops because they supplement vital crop nutrients.

This not only improves yield and taste, but also has a positive benefit on the income received because of the appearance and quality of the fruits and vegetables.

The RLF Agricultural Technology Services Team heard the following stories in January 2019 when they paid a return visit to check on the farmers and their crops.

Ms Jia of Lixing Village was very happy to see the RLF Agricultural Technology Services Team

This is her story.

After a simple exchange, Ms Jia told the RLF team that because of the application of RLF Plant Milk, the price of her eggplant was 0.2 – 0.4 yuan (0.04 – 0.08AUD) higher than that of neighbouring farmers per kilogram. She said that she began to use the products on her eggplant from young seedlings, usually at an interval of 7-10 days, with the longest interval being half a month. The eggplant was straight and long, with bright purple skins, good taste and high purchase price.

The estimated income of one single shed was 30,000 – 40,000 yuan (6,308 – 8,410AUD) this year, so she was more than satisfied with the application effects of RLF products. This was a great result for her.

Ms Jia’s eggplant treated with RLF products

At the same time, the RLF Team also inspected Ms Jia’s cherry tomatoes. They too were treated with RLF products and had delicious taste, flowered very well and showed less cracking of the fruit.

The cherry tomatoes treated with RLF products

Ms Jia and the Team

The smile on the face of Ms Jia, and her praise and trust in RLF Plant Milk products are the best feedback the RLF team can get. This is also a great motivation to keep moving forward and letting as many farmers as possible see the real effect, feel the joy of increasing production and income. This has always been the goal of the RLF team.

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