RAPID MAX is a specialised RLF product. It is an ionic form of zinc and copper with phosphorous, together with a supporting balance of sulphur and magnesium. It uses high quality EDTA chelates to facilitate zinc and copper mobility in the plant, and as it is phosphorous-based, provides fully available inorganic phosphate in an immediate form ready for rapid use by the plant.

RAPID MAX improves the soil for the next season. It has a direct
impact on increasing soil organic matter from one season to the next.

Key Features and Benefits

RAPID MAX is rapidly taken up by the leaves and is rain-safe within hours
RAPID MAX sets about its work within the plant quickly and effectively
RAPID MAX is a highly concentrated solution fertiliser with excellent handling capabilities
RAPID MAX is easy to use
RAPID MAX is compatible with a large variety of crop protection products and can be safely mixed with several sources of liquid nitrogen
RAPID MAX when applied at 1 -litre per hectare supplies enough phosphorous for an extra 30kg of yield
RAPID MAX when applied at 1 -litre per hectare keeps the zinc and copper properly balanced and supplies sufficient nutrient for increased grain growth of between 5-10 tonnes per hectare
RAPID MAX is buffered at the correct low pH to deliver the safe and quick uptake of nutrients and it eliminates leaf burn


RAPID MAX is an unique RLF product. There is simply no comparison product, that can work so quickly and efficiently giving greater nutrient availability, mobility and the delivery of greater crop results and returns.

The Product Information Brochure provides all the application rates and recommendations for the use of RAPID MAX, and farmers and growers all over the world can have the utmost confidence in this RLF Product as they include it as part of their farming routines and practice.

The Brochure can be viewed here.