All part of the RLF Agricultural Technology Tour to Dalian

A Visit to Cherry Growers deep in the Field

Paotai Town in Wafangdian City is one of the most concentrated areas for the greenhouse cultivation of large cherry. The visit was conducted during the critical period of flower bud differentiation.

To enable the growers’ questions to be answered adequately the RLF Technical Team spent several days deep in the field with them addressing issues such as the general agricultural process, how to diagnose deficiencies in the different trees, what fertiliser management program to follow to address the deficiencies, and so on. This increased the confidence of growers. The Team shared new technology and new information, investigated the overall planting situation and gave targeted answers for each specific cherry tree crop in the local area.

The following picture board shows some of these discussions and visitations.

Local farmers showing their satisfaction with the RLF products

Bringing New Science, New Technology and New Products

Through several days of promotion, the local retail stores and growers have improved their understanding of the advantages and application methods of RLF liquid fertilisers. The promotional activity not only improved the information and customer service level, but also brought high-quality products and advanced technology to the Dalian cherry growers. It enabled them to better understand the application timings and rates of RLF specialty products.

This planned Technical Tour heralds the beginning of a new year of service for the RLF Team. It is on the road of agricultural technology service!

Flower Bud Differentiation

The cherry growers were most concerned about the quality of the flower bud differentiation at the current stage of the greenhouse cherry. It appeared that some farmers were not very optimistic about the flower bud differentiation and from observation this appeared to be because of lack of proper management. The Team advised that the following factors are necessary to promote flower bud differentiation and ensure the number of flowers and buds.

1. Tree Nutrients

The germination of the buds and the promotion of the number of flowers and buds require sufficient nutrients for protection. The completion of flower bud differentiation of the previous year is an important factor in deciding the number of flowers in the current year. The tree body must have enough nutrition to ensure the normal germination of flowers and buds for the following year.

2. Dormancy Duration

The greenhouse cherry tree should have enough dormancy time, with the required cooling time in the temperature range of 0°C – 7.2°C between the hours 800-1500. The cherry can germinate only when the cooling requirement is met and the outside temperature is appropriate.

3. Spray the Artificial Sleeping Breaker

The cultivation of greenhouses is mainly through artificial control of environmental conditions. Therefore, it breaks the conventional law of crop growth in this process. Winter is usually a period of cherry dormancy. In greenhouse cultivation the artificial sleeping breaker needs to be sprayed to go beyond this stage of dormancy.

Supplementing sufficient nutrients during the warm-up period is also a key to managing greenhouse cherries. RLF also provides a sensible nutritional program for the cherry during this growing period, which satisfies not only the nutrient need for cherry germination, but also helps the flowers bloom and reduces the workload of late pollination.

The Recommended RLF Nutritional Program for Cherry

NO. 1 Provide adequate nutrition to ensure the safe overwintering of cherries

Fertigation with RLF Plant Milk High-N during the germination period delivers all the nutrients needed by cherries. At the same time, this product is suitable for use in autumn and winter, which can help cherry trees enhance the resistance to low temperature and ensure the normal growth and development of winter crops.

NO. 2 Promote flower bud differentiation and guarantee the fruit number

Fertigation with RLF Plant Milk High-N and foliar spray with RLF Boron Plus at flowering stage can effectively promote the number of blossoms and lay a solid foundation for the high yield of later fruits. At the same time, it can ensure that the flowers’ blossom neatly.

NO. 3 Ensure healthy growth

Foliar spray with RLF Fruits & Veggies Plus throughout the growing stage of the cherry tree, helps resist low temperature and thaw damage, alleviates pesticide damage, promotes flowering and fruits and enhances overall resistance to a range of environmental conditions. It sets up a strong protective net for the cherry planting.

Happy Farmers and Growers

A product that can solve problems for farmers always gets approval from farmers!

Through visiting farmers, investigating their actual planting situations, summing up the problems and helping solve the problems is the motivation of the RLF Agricultural Technology Service Team.

The pictorial shows how the cherry farmers were helped and good programs implemented to help cherry farmers grow, harvest and benefit more.