A technical experience for growers of grapes and oranges

A technical experience for growers of grapes and oranges


Recently, two meetings were planned by RLF’s technical team in China, primarily with two prestigious seed companies. They were held on 22nd March 2016 and the venue chosen for the meeting with grape-growers was the Green Agricultural Technology Service Department at Ji’an, in Jiangxi Province. The venue for growers of oranges was located at the Green Agricultural Technology Service Department, Nankang, Jiangxi Province.

  • The first meeting, for vignerons and grape growers, attracted more than 160 participants
  • The second meeting, held later in the day for growers of naval oranges attracted more than 50 participants

Technical Guidance for Grape Growers

The meeting focused mainly on the integrated management of plant nutrition and crop protection with liquid fertilisers to ensure the best possible means of pest control. The participants readily engaged with the information and processes demonstrated with high levels of enthusiasm being displayed. RLF’s technical team were on hand to provide individual guidance and advice if this was needed, and to explain in very clear terms how the technological advantages of RLF products translate into highly productive crops with premium fruit. RLF was very pleased to learn that a considerable percentage of expenditure on the day was for its products.

Technical Exchange for Growers of Naval Oranges

Once again the technology and benefits of an integrated approach to fertiliser management was demonstrated. Information about fertilising the seed, and then the leaf with liquid fertiliser, brings about benefits of better root establishment, more robust growth and overall plant development plus premium fruit outcomes were adequately shown. The participants were enthusiastic about the information they received, and once again RLF was delighted to learn that a considerable number of orders were placed for its products on the day.


RLF is committed to the follow up of these two meetings and to make its staff available for growers if more information or technical advice is needed.

Congratulations to the China marketing team. These two meetings have quite clearly been successful and no doubt more will be planned for the future.