Red Bayberry Thrives and Delivers Bumper Crop
Red Bayberry treated with RLF specialty fertiliser product Potassium Boost recently delivered a crop of perfect fruit with strong characteristics of uniform, large size with increased sweetness and earlier market sell.

Excellent Results

The red bayberry treated with the RLF products

The RLF Team in Zhejiang Province has been conducting orchard trials of Red Bayberry using RLF liquid fertiliser products. In order to check the results a visit was paid to Red Bayberry grower, Ying Xingliang in Dongkeng Village, Xianju County, Zhejiang Province on 4th June 2017.

Red Bayberry treated with RLF specialty fertiliser product Potassium Boost delivers strong characteristics of uniform and large size fruit with increased sweetness and earlier market sell. Local Red Bayberry growers are very satisfied with the RLF products.

The delicious red bayberrys

It is Red Bayberry season right now, and just thinking about the red, plump berries is enough to makes peoples’ mouths’ water. They are delicious and tempting and very difficult to ignore.

Scientifically named Myrica rubra is known by a number of different names – Chinese Strawberry being just one. It is a subtropical tree grown for its sweet, crimson to dark purple-red edible fruit, and is a market favourite.

The Product Used

Potassium Boost is a single element Foliar fertiliser delivering high quality potassium to the plant through the leaf. By spraying directly through the leaf has been demonstrated to be the most efficient and effective way of getting Potassium to the plant at the time that it needs it most – during the reproductive phase of crop growth.

How to Use

Foliar spray with Potassium Boost at 1000 times dilution.

More Facts about Red Bayberry

In recent years considerable brand identity and image has been established for the Xianju Red Bayberry. It has become a marketing marvel.

Folklore already states that the best red bayberry in the world comes from the Xianju County, Zhejiang Province, China. It is also the recognised first county for China’s Red Bayberry cultivation and production. It has thousands of years cultivation history. Because of its four distinct seasons, with abundant rainfall, sufficient sunshine, large temperature differences between day and night as well as other unique ecological environment benefits, Xianju is especially suitable for the growing of Red Bayberry.

The Xianju red bayberry is popular with consumers for its small kernel, juicy, rich-tasting flesh and good mouth-feel. At the same time, it is also popular because of its declared high nutritional and medicinal value. The fruits are said to be rich in flavonoids, vitamins, amino acids, and cellulose (although RLF does not lay claim to these particular attributes).

Red Bayberry is round with a similar size as longan.

It is covered with thorns all over the body but the thorns will gradually soften and flatten as the berry ripens. At first the Red Bayberry is pink, then turns crimson, finally becoming ‘almost black’. A beautifully, delicious fruit, much loved by local consumers but with a growing world interest in this productive tree berry.

The Red Bayberry cultivation in Xianju County, Zhejiang Province

The Xianju red bayberry